11 thoughts on “Israeli Racism on Trial in the Strange Case of Two Missing Men – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Mitchell: the only sordid lies come from the Israeli gov’t claiming it cared about Mengistu, telling the family it was doing all possible to get him released. And that it was the family which requested a gag order in his case. All lies. Hamas claims that the government’s conduct in this case is motivated by racism, which is true. Of course Hamas may be embellishing to further embarrass the governmrnt. But this ase doesn’t require embellishment to be greatly embarrassing to Israel.

      1. The man is mentally disturbed and off his meds.

        Hamas should have been returned Mengistu to Israel months ago.

        I’ve stated that the gag order was a silly mistake.
        Now where is the condemnation of Hamas for not returning this lost soul to his family?

        1. Hamas is playing there cards the best way they can. This is a war, not a game! You can’t expect them to give him up that easy!

          1. This was a sarcastic comment. You Richard claim to care about Avera Mengistu but have no issue with Hamas using an ill person as a simple bargain chip.

          2. @ Eilati: Oh puh-leeze. Israel uses its own citizens and especially Gazans as pawns in its own political games. Israel’s refusal to acknowledge Mengistu & al Sayyed and refusal to negotiate for their release is far worse than anything Hamas has done. Stop with the feigned outrage and look in the mirror.

            Read the comment threads before you publish. Others have already expressed precisely your views. Don’t repeat views already expressed. It’s boring, unoriginal & repetitive.

        2. @ Mitchell:

          where is the condemnation of Hamas for not returning this lost soul to his family?

          Stop repeating yourself. This is the same comment you already published, a violation of comment rules.

  1. Thanks for mentioning Erickson’s blog– I was unaware of its existence and after visiting just now, it looks like a very valuable contribution, given how much undeserved influence the NYT has.

  2. ” TimesWarp is an excellent critique of the New York Times’ coverage of the Israeli-Arab conflict. ”

    yes, some people are of that opinion. of course, those people ain’t necessary correct

    1. Unfortunately for NYT readers, Timeswarp does in fact do a good job showing how the NYT downplays or ignores Israeli violence against civilians during so- called truces, which gives its readers the mistaken impression that Palestinians are the ones who initiate violence.

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