14 thoughts on “Israeli TV Ambush Interview with BDS Activist, Ronnie Barkan – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Israel has, in relation to the Orange affair, called on France to distance itself, or even condemn, any boycot. Both Hollande and the Foreign Minister, Fabius, have indeed done so. However, as a recent NGO-report notes, it is Fabius’ ministry that “ has acknowledged the illegality of the Israeli colonies an has recently ( viz. 17 Nov.2014 A.B.) published an opinion warning enterprises and private persons regarding the juridical and reputational risks related to economic and financial activities in the occupied Palestinian territories” (“Les liaisons dangereuses d’Orange dans le territories palestinien occupé” May 2015 p.7 – https://www.fidh.org/IMG/pdf/rapport_orange-web.pdf)

    It is this sort of internal contradictions that will ultimately undo the Israeli campaign against boycots.

  2. You think British interviewers are bad, well Israel can out-trump them anyway! Atilla Somfalvi didn’t cover himself with glory. He was a hectoring, loud and ignorant bully who had nothing to say.

    Ronni Barkan by way of contrast dealt extremely well with the ‘interview’. I would have been tempted to tell Somfalvi to fuck off back to his settlement. His calm demeanour under pressure was highly impressive.

    1. My thoughts as well. I was impressed regarding the clarity with which Ronnie Barkan spoke despite the interrupting and obnoxious interviewer. So unprofessional.

  3. No quibble and I have nothing to do with Hasbara, on the contrary. It’s simply better to translate precisely. That’s all.

    The piece is very valuable, which just stresses the importance of precision in details.

    Good luck with your blog!

    1. I’m sorry if I overreacted. There’s a hasbara brigade which enjoys pointing out minute translation errors & other typos. I may’ve confused you w them. I agree precision is a good thing & will change my translation.

      1. Yes you did, and it wasn’t nice or a nice welcome, but I imagine the flack you get. Better not generalize or make quick judgments. I will be glad to continue reading the blog.

    1. European Jews didn’t fight over the boycott. The Zionist movement sabotaged it with their trade agreement with Nazi Germany. They prioritised saving the wealth of German Jews and exporting it, in the form of industrial goods, to Palestine at the expense of the Jews themselves. 60% of the capital investment in Jewish Palestine between 1933-39 came from Nazi Germany! The Zionists scabbed, as one Jewish labour leader termed it.

      Jews overwhelmingly supported the Boycott as did the international trade union movement. Support was strong in the most unusual of places like Egypt and Poland.

      But the Zionists and the Jewish Bourgeoisie took fright.

  4. …I thought Barkan handled himself-and the annoying and mostly ridiculous interviewer – very well…

  5. Isn’t it interesting that just a few months back, BDS was being hailed as an epic fail, a joke and impotent. Now BDS is a frightening antisemitic monster that must be stopped! An Israeli supporting BDS is a traitor, an enemy of the state. It’s amazing to see the GoI squeal. As in South Africa, boycotts, divestment and sanctions was the only viable response to the oppressive and murderous SA govt. It’s the best way to deal with an oppressor – hit them in the only spot they have feelings – the pocketbook. Viva BDS!

  6. didn’t read past the second paragraph, you tend to use 60 words when 3 will suffice, but thank you for the video, I will share it massively

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