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  1. i think that the best solution for this problem would be to not allow them to enter israel for work.
    if they want to work they could go to jordan or build their own work places.

    1. The stupidity and ignorance behind this comment is staggering.
      “build their own workplaces”, yeah, under the conditions of the Israeli occupation. Sure, go figure.

    2. Great idea!
      First take their land, then de-humanize them and kick them out of their remaining “Reservations” and then ask why they cannot live grandly “in their own work places”. Suddenly, the oppressor looks completely legitimate and reasonable and the blame is on the victim…again!

    3. @ None: I think the best solution is for you to stop offering nincompoop suggestions about how Palestinians should survive. If you don’t want them to work inside Israel then permit an independent state that has full economic independence–or annex them so that they may function fully & freely as Israeli citizens in their own country.

  2. What a damn pity that the plan was suspended.

    It is a highly important and useful plan. It exposes the “unsweetened” face of the Israeli government and, by extension, of Israel. It is to be hoped that the plan be reintroduced as speedily as possible.


  3. From Raviv Drucker’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/raviv.drucker/posts/10153223904033971

    My own translation (I tried to be literal as possible, please excuse the Hebrew idioms):

    The Council of Shomron Settlers claimed that there are cases of sexual harassment on the buses, and even the CEO of the bus company said something similar. It turns out that there are no such complaints, and the two women who were brought to us as examples told stories of uncomfortable feelings and unsympathetic brushing, but very far away from an actual problem of concentrated sexual harassment (by Palestinians against Israeli women -M). One woman told us, while obstructing her face (“in shadows” or “shadowed” in the original -M), that two Arabs laughed at her in Arabic. She doesn’t speak the language, but she’s sure that that’s what happened.

    MP Moti Yogev, an ardent supporter of separation, talked of burning Tzitziot on buses in an official session of the Knesset. When I talked to him about it, it turned out that it was barely an urban legend.

    Worst of all, around the Minister of Defense there were talks about a security threat. We said: But the IDF representative said in the Knesset that there was no threat. We were told: Ask again, the Central Command Chief (אלוף פקמ”ז) says there is a threat. We went to the IDF Spokesperson for comment. We were told officialy: The IDF does not think there is a security threat. I thought to myself – this can’t be. Let’s ask again more clearly. We asked again, explained, got the same answer. Given this context, how is the Minister of Defense willing to enact this racist policy? How does [Moshe] Bogie [Ya’alon] bring himself to the point where the Prime Minister has to stop him?

    1. Israel is not the only place in the world where lies about “the Other” get created and repeated so often that they become Truth which is then used to justfy atrocities upon and oppression of “the Other”…ask the Jews who survived the Shoah.

      1. You obviously don’t get around much. Think Europe and Muslim which is repeatedly spoken of on this blog.

        I think this plan is stupid b/c if it will be implemented, there will never be peace. Yet, the fear of someone attacking out of the blue isn’t unheared of.

      1. Yes. It is sometimes thought that this obsession is the real basis for rabid racism, the separation of the two “races.” I wonder when a Jew will be publicly shamed for relations with an Arab woman, maybe a sign placed around their neck proclaiming this defilement of Jewishness? Or perhaps a Palestinian boy will be lynched for looking at a Jewish woman? These sorts of things are not beyond the Israel that has taken shape.

        1. Well David, what you predict already seems under way. In 2012 three Palestinian youth were beaten up so badly by a crowd of Jewish youngsters shouting ‘A Jew is a good soul and Arab is a son of a bitch,’ that one had to be resuscitated and ended up in intensive care.

          After this Lehava (the government sponsored organisation that concentrates on keeping Jewish women safe from Arab men) distributed the following poster about what happened:

          “Dear Arab guy:
          We don’t want you to get hurt!

          Our daughters are valuable to us, and just as you would not want a Jew to date your sister we are also unwilling for an Arab to date a girl from among our people.

          Just as you would do anything to stop a Jew from dating your sister – so do we!
          If you are thinking of visiting Jerusalem malls or the pedestrian street with the intention of dating Jewish girls – this isn’t the place for you.

          You may walk around in your own village freely and find girlfriends there, not here!

          Last week an Arab who thought he might find Jewish girls got hurt.

          We don’t wish for you to get hurt, So respect our daughters’ honor as we mind it dearly! ”


          Please notice that whenever a woman is mentioned she is not presented as an autonomous person but as property belonging to someone.

  4. I don’t know how much discomfort this plan would entail for Palestinian workers but leaving that aside for the moment I am inclined to agree with Marc that its implementation is highly desirable. Most people know very little about this conflict and/or have been influenced by hasbara. But this bus segregation, though it is compared to what the Palestinians have gone through a relatively minor thing, would yet speak for itself. No amount of Hasbara can explain that away. Unfortunately Bibi seems to understand that as well – at any case for now.

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