5 thoughts on “Bibi’s Cynical Incitement Against “Leftist” NGOs, Noy Alooshe’s Bibi-Mix – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The anti-Bibi ad before the YouTube video attach here proofs a lot of money is invested to replace him. As for Sheldon Adelson, recycling an interview from 4 years ago means nothing. Any business may lose money at the beginning. Ask Boeing about the 787 on each one they still lose millions.
    The goal of the speech was achived, of eyes are now on the result of the nuclear negotiations and the public would want clear answers.

  2. The foreign money Netanyahu receives is doubly tainted, firstly because of its origin in the rather disreputable casino business – those who want to know how disreputable in this case should check up on the libel suit Adelson lost against the Jewish National Democratic Council – and, second, because Adelson’s financing of a freely distributed newspaper (Israel Hayom), which appears to be a virtual propaganda sheet for Netanyahu, is against the spirit, though not the letter, of the Israeli law on campaign contributions.

    I still suffer from a sense of vicarious humiliation from seeing what should be the mightiest democratic assembly in the world prostrate itself, not only for this maniacal and deeply flawed Israeli leader but, indirectly, also for this casino mogol who had the cheek of threatening its members for being absent “without a doctor’s note”.

    That these people don’t have a sense of honour is obvious but don’t they even have a rudimentary sense of shame?

    1. While there is no doubt IH is biased, it hardly balances Yedi’ot which is blatant anti-Bibi propaganda.

      1. @ Ariel: Surely you must be kidding. Yediot has published for decades. It used to be one of Israel’s most popular papers. It has a journalistic reputation. Bibiton is an upstart with no journalistic reputation & only one mission: to pimp for Boss Bibi. Yediot is a well-rounded newspaper with varied interests. It’s not the best paper for sure, but it’s at least a real newspaper, unlike Bibishlock.

  3. Never fails to amaze me how the leaders of this tiny nation have the government of the United States of America perpetually by the balls.

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