12 thoughts on “Shin Bet Files Charges Against Secretly-Arrested Israeli Accused of Trafficking With Hamas – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard says, ”Shabak also claims that the defendants also knew they were providing materials to Hamas.” “…it’s entirely possibly they didn’t know. At least didn’t know explicitly.”

    Not according to YNet, who said that the defendants were explicitly warned.

    “The businessmen had been warned by the Defense Ministry that a resident of Gaza with who they were in contact had an association with the terrorist group.”

    My best guess is, that an undercover SB agent warned the Israelis, but greed got the better of them.

    1. @ Victor: Yes, I know they were supposedly warned. But you’ll note none of the article contain even a reference to contact with a source representing the defendants. A grotesque journalistic gaffe. I’m curious that way, I like to hear from boths sides before rendering a judgment. I know that’s not done in Israel. But we here in the west have quaint, old-fashioned standards. Humor us, would you?

      1. ” I like to hear from boths sides before rendering a judgment”

        Richard, I’m an American defense attorney and I don’t like gag orders any more than you.

        If queried, my guess is that the defendants attorneys would say, ‘My client’s are innocent of all charges’.

        1. @ Victor: If you are a defense attorney, what would you prefer? An article in the media which doesn’t quote you regarding your client and whose author never bothered to try to contact you; or a reporter who did call you & ask for comment?

          I’m not satisfied with your inference that it’s OK the attorney wasn’t mentioned because we all know what he would say. That’s ridiculous & I think you know it.

  2. As per JPost, “Despite getting officially warned by the security establishment that Zuarov was officially banned and to cease selling to him, the defendants used straw man Gaza companies”.

    Osama Zuarov is a major Hamas buyer and operative,officially banned by Israel in terms of trade.

    Like I commented earlier. Greed.

    1. @ Victor: And you know Zuarov is a “major Hamas buyer” how? A little Shabak birdie told you so? The truth is that at one time Zuarov was an approved buyer. THen later he may’ve become unapproved. Neither you nor I know anything about what happened & why. It could be Zuarov was recruited to be a Shabak agent and declined. That would be enough to turn him into a Hamas buyer for sure.

  3. “None of the Israeli reporting on this story credits me with breaking the original story. Par for the course.”
    I was referred to your story through a link in a talkback on “Velvetunderground”, a Hebrew language blog appering in Israel.

    1. @ Yitzhak: Thanks for letting me know this. I was referring to Israel’s mainstream media and not blogs. Dvorit & I have known each other for some time & I tell her when I break stories.

  4. Just now on Arutz 2 news “the defendants said they didn’t know it went to Hamas” but they admit to smuggling it in. One of them said on video “I was looking for the money”.

    After being warned about exactly that, this line of defense is extremely weak.

    1. @ Ariel: I didn’t know you were an attorney. Since you aren’t I think we’ll dismiss your claims about which lines of defense are weak. The truth is the defendants had permits to transport goods to Gaza. They confirm they didn’t know the goods were going to Hamas (which is a claim the secret police haven’t proven, btw).

      The thought occurs to me that the intelligence apparatus may be seeking to destroy any Israeli commercial interaction with Gaza. What better way than criminalize those Israelis who are involved?

  5. I wonder if Victor is a brand new Hasbarista or an old one recycled.
    And why would an American defense attorney spend time here ? And is he paid for defending The-Only-Democracy ? Who knows, maybe it’s Alan Dershowitz ….

    1. Alan Dershowitz is a buffoon who needs to butt out of the I/P conflict altogether. He’s Israel’s worst advocate.

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