13 thoughts on “Israeli Journalist, Ben Caspit: I’d “Beat the Shit” Out of IDF Refusers if I Could – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Ariel: I knew one of the hasbara mob was going to bring the subject up: so let’s start with the word retzach. It means “murder.” Right? That explains my headline. If you don’t like it dispute the meaning of retzach. Argue it means to beat someone lightly or nicely or whatever garbage you wish. As for whether the idiomatic meaning is “beat the shit out of,” can we concede that it’s fairly easy to kill someone who you’re beating the shit out of?? Next, can we concede that it is horrifying & inexcusable for an Israeli journalist on public media to say he’d like to physically assault someone who expresses their own moral views, which are in themselves legal and non-violent?

      Now that we have our terms straight, I think the matter is done and closed. If you want to initiate one of those long drawn out excruciating hasbara factoid debates you’ll have to go elsewhere. I’m not entertaining further discussion on this subject in this thread.

      1. Makot retzach means killing someone as much as being scared to death means that you’re actually dying. Your paranoid hallucinations about hasbarists cover either your lack of knowledge of the Hebrew language, or your dishonesty in your choice of this headline. Ben caspit is an asshole, but so are you.
        Please don’t censor this message.

        1. @ Hebrew speaker: So let’s examine your claims closely. There is a major difference between retzach (“murder”) and “death” (as in scaring someone “to death”). I presume you understand the difference?

          But even if there wasn’t, it is very possible to “scare someone to death” & it has happened many times. It’s even more possible to beat someone to death as in makot retzach.

          Finally, as with all hasbaroids, you deliberately obfuscate the main point, which is that a major Israeli journalist told an interviewee that he’s beat the shit out of him and no one objected.

          As for calling me an “asshole,” you’re now banned. Mazel tov, asshole.

  1. Moving on –
    @Richard “There are also mental health exemptions which others pursue. So singling out refusers as if they are the only ones shirking their duty is blatantly false”. I would think someone who believes some (many???) IDF soldiers are psychopaths will want those actually diagnosed by a doctor to be out.

    There are many exemptions that are unjust like Haredi (which you mentioned) and those that are, like marriage, talented sportsman etc’. Natan Blank tried to make stand but he forgot (or never learnt) the first rule a soldier learns in basic training. “If you pee on the army, it will get slightly wet. If you the army pees on you, you might drawn”.

    1. @ Ariel: You forget. Blank got his exemption, so the army tried to pee on him. But it didn’t work.

      It’s well known that perfectly healthy Israelis try to use psychiatric exemptions to be excluded from service. It happened here too during the Draft.

      1. @Richard: He may have not drawn but he got drenched (to say the least).

        And while it is very true many use psychiatric exemptions, that include quite a few refusers, thus talking about ‘singling refusers’ is nonsense.

        1. @ Ariel: The word in English is “drowned.” And I would say that he beat the army. Yes, he served hard time in prison. But for those fighting for their convictions it’s a price worth paying when fighting a social evil like Occupation.

  2. It almost seems standard: Israeli’s with views that anyone in Europe would call right wing or extreme right wing thinking of themselves as progressive and leftist.

  3. ” But why should I do three years [IDF service] and you not? This drives me out of my mind! ”

    I guess Caspit qualifies for an exemption on the basis of his feeble mental health, at least if his report is accurate: he drove out of his mind.

    I would agree that Richard took liberties with his title. Eagerness to strike blows is not exactly the same as intent to murder. However, Caspit seems much less responsible, as there is a problem in Israel with too many citizens engaged in beating up other inhabitants of the state because they are “driven mad” by this or that (like speaking in Arabic). If you are drunk, do not drive, if you are mad, do not write.

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