28 thoughts on “IDF Col. Ofer Winter: Butcher of Khuza’a – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Richard.

      I haven’t ‘justified’ anything.
      I merely pointed out that the lack of clarity regarding the identity of the dead of Khuza’a, makes it difficult to prove that a massacre occurred.

      1. @ Frank: Of course it’s “difficult” to prove. Do you think the killers left a calling card? But difficult is not impossible. All the circumstantial evidence points to a mass IDF execution. IDF was killing people all over Gaza indiscriminately.

        It doesn’t matter whether these were militants or civilians. Once you’ve taken someone prisoner even if a combatant you may not summarily execute them & burn their corpses. That is a clear violation of the laws of war.

        Don’t belabor this point. If your goal is to get into an extended bout of nit-picking I have no patience for it. Move on to another subject or thread.

        1. You are wrong, the I “D” F left them sitting in the room drinking tea. Hamas sent their children to come and kill them and drag more bodies into the room and set fire to everything. Just as Hamas dragged bodies into the schollyard.

  1. Well said. Now may we have an article advocating the return of the Palestinian refugees to their ancestral homeland?

  2. The Jesse Rosenfeld link goes to a wikipedia article about an Australian actor by that name. How did that happen?

  3. Well, if Sharon is anything to go by then I would predict that Ofer will continue to rise through the ranks of the IDF until he decides to enter politics, at which point he will be fast-tracked to the role of Prime Minister of Israel.

    1. Probably: Yeah a few days ago a pro-Israel commenter tried to tell me Winter was an outlier & not representative. My response was he’ll probably be promoted & become IDF chief of staff in a few years.

      1. Winter is a blood thirsty killer, most likely a psychopath. He is surely going to be the IDF chief of staff – can’t think of someone more suitable for the job.

  4. At my time of life one is aware of various things one would like to see happen before one’s demise. I have, among other things, a short list of people I would like to see in The Hague before a relevant court. The Butcher of Khuza’a now has a definite place on that.

    1. Netanyahu is no fool, he has already asked the ever-compliant US to make sure Israelis do not get dragged into the International Court of Justice and the US will make certain no Israeli and no American ever gets on the dock there. Otherwise, who will protect Bush and now, Obama?

  5. I met a visitor from Israel a few days ago at Seattle University, who was here only for a few days. She vehemently denied Israel would or, could murder anyone or that any Israeli could possibly even order the murders of Palestinians. Just about called me a liar.

    This is not the first time Israeli “Defense” forces have committed mass slaughters, executions and many other war crimes. In the past, Israelis who have openly admitted to mass killing, have had no actions taken against them (presumably, “IDF is investigating…”). Israelis have no interest in bringing their own to justice.

    1. Jafar, which other Armies or Defense-Forces have not killed civilians in times of war. Please Tell me.
      Do you know how many civilians were killed in ww2 in Germany alone by the USA and Great Britain?! And let us not speak here about the two Iraq wars, or the Afghanistan war.
      War is a bad and dirty thing.
      Hypocrisy is a form of violence and as such contribute nothing for peace.

      1. @ Lobsang Tenzin: Please do not assume the name of a real person as your nickname here. That becomes far too confusing & it’s also misleading since you’re Israeli but assuming the name of a Tibetan.

        As for killing civilians in war, you mean to say that since the U.S. committed evil acts that this means we can’t hold Israel accountable for its own unspeakable acts? This is a tried & true hasbara method. Doesn’t work bud.

      2. “Lobsang” whay are oyu afriad of using your real name? I am not and I say some very dangerous things.
        You are right, of course…
        Nazis killed millions in WWII, so it’s okay for Israelis to kill a few hundred thousand.
        The US killed hundreds of thousands since 1991 in the M-E, so it’s okay for Israelis to kill a few hundred thousand.
        Rapes happen a lot in war, so it’s okay for Israelis to have a little “fun” themselves.
        Children are killed in huge numbers in war so it’s pokay for Israelis to kill a few hundred or a few thousand children.
        Besides, it is Hamas, that is forcing…FORCING, mind you, Israel to kill civilians in Gaza.
        All the Israelis clapping at hilltops when they see explosions in Gaza are doing it as praise for Israel’s precision and restraint.
        What am I thinking?

      3. For the record, this is not my real name. However, since I am a Muslim I chose a Muslim name for my alias. Rahman means compassionate.

        Anyhow, international law does not allow either the deliberate nor the indiscriminate killing of civilians. In looks as if in Khuza’a there has been deliberate killing of civilians in the absence of any battles between the IDF and Hamas. This is serious indeed. I hope that Abbas takes this to the ICC. That way both the IDF and Hamas will be in the dock for their actions.

  6. The people killed in Gaza are all Arabs. Therefore, according to the current IDF international law department (also called Dabl”a in Hebrew) they can be killed. As Col. Winter suggests, these “Gazans” are not really humans.

    Richard, surely you know Holy War (or Jihad) is an important part of Judaism.

  7. Richard,
    I fought in khuza’a under the command of Winter
    The bodies were found in the room they are not of citizens, they are of Hamas terrorists who attacked the soldiers who were standing nearby the room.
    The soldiers had to break into the room on fire to neutralize the threat.

    1. Yehon. Something does not make sense, perhaps you can help clarify it.
      OKAY, so the “Terrorists” (Hamas, not Israelis) were fighting to the last person and poor IDF had to break in in order to establish peace…okay, I getb that.
      Why are fighters clustered so closely with each other? as if they were collected there and executed.
      If they had been shot, why were they burnt?
      If they were burnt to death with flame-throwers, why is there so much blood on the walls?
      Why are they clustered together so they died in a pile, instead of apart, like people fighting would have been killed?
      Where are their guns?
      Were oyu there when this apparent slaughter took place or, were you busy killing others elsewhere? “terrorists”, of course!

    2. @ yehon: Apparently Yehon hasn’t read what I’ve had to say about his august commander. If he had, he’d know that his boss is a butcher and wants his soldiers to be butchers as well. I know what I see in the picture & don’t believe a word of what Yehon says. He only says he was in the town, but not that he witnessed or was part of the assault that led to this massacre. So why should we believe his second hand testimony intended to white wash war crimes he & his boss cooked up there? I’d love to see Yehon give this testimony to the UN panel convened to examine Gaza war crimes, along with any evidence he might have to confirm his claims.

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