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  1. Richard doesn’t the timing have to do with the fact that your midterm elections are over? What does Obama have to worry about now? Clinton’s electoral success? Would that greatly bother him?

    As to the type of action that he and his staff might be contemplating: Jeffrey Goldberg wrote in The Atlantic (on 10/28) that it will probably be the withdrawal of UN support. France (supported by Britain and Germany) might launch a Security Council Resolution after conferring with the White House which then only has to sit on its hands. I understand that Germany is holding out for the removal of a date by which “peace negotiations” should deliver a result. The Palestinians don’t agree with that of course. That would be going back to the same old game. I wish the Germans wouldn’t be trying so hard to overcompensate.

  2. I wouldn’t read anything into those ‘internal deliberations’ by the NSC on the issue of settlements. We knew Obama would not change policy ahead of the midterm elections and he faces a more right-wing Congress in 2015. Menendez and Kirk already have warned Obama not to impose harsher policy on ally Israel and prefer additional sanctions on Iran. If Obama would want to change policy on Israel he would have to throw out a number of close advisors. Changing a moderate like Chuck Hagel is not the way forward. It’s the NSC policy that is at fault, not the implementation fron the Pentagon on Syria and ISIL.

    The only political push on Israel comes from the EU and pressure of a product boycott. Europe may join the UK to demand a solution for Palestine within a two year period. I do recall George Bush demanded the same from Ariel Sharon before the election in 2004 and we all know how that strategy worked out for the Palestinian people.

    There is a chamge in the air for the Middle East, particularly from old allies change alliances. There seems to be a new understanding between Saudi Arabia and Israel to join forces in opposition to Iran and a possible 5+1 nuclear deal. Turkey is looking towards Putin’s Russia for economic ties although their opposing view on Assad and Syria remain. Perhaps the ME nations will split along the lines of Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood nations. Interesting times, but not for the people involved in the civil/sectarian wars or the millions seeking refuge.

  3. Living with hope that this will happen. How long, O Lord, how long? How about sanctions AND cutting WAY back on the military aid we give to Israel. Proud of my Jewish heritage, I am not against Israel’s right to exist but NOT beyond the 1967 border!! Aching EVERY day about what my brothers and sisters continue to do to our half-brothers and sisters. I heard in 1954, while visiting Israel, that the British told the Palestinians over the radio as the Jewish people were coming to establish Israel, “Leave your homes; you can come back in 48 hours.” For YEARS I kept asking speakers WHY the British did that. In the 1980’s , a rabbi shared that the British THOUGHT the Arabs and Palestinians would push the Jews back into the sea and that Israel would not be established. The rest is very difficult history.

  4. One mantra that makes me sick is that of no daylight appearing between the US and Israel. Has America ever said that of any other country – even of Britain during the Second World War?

    I prefer to see that lack of daylight as characteristic for the obscurantism of this whole relation which is maintained by the pressure of relatively small groups – pressure which in many cases can indeed not bear the light of day.

    At any case it appears that under the guise of this mantra pretty substantial critical points can be made, such as for instance by Vice President Joe Biden recently at the Saban forum. House demolitions are a form of collective punishment (and thus, though Biden apparently didn’t spell it out, a war crime); Israel should do more to reign in settler vigilance; and then of course the standing criticism of the settlements as such. Altogether nothing really radical but enough for that poison sheet FrontPage Magazine to call it “Israel bashing”.

    Bennett, Minister for Trade and Economy in the Netanyahu cabinet, appeared at the same forum.That man is a danger. He seems to be much more of a public salesman than Netanyahu who always makes a rather sour, resentful impression, even when he smiles. Bennett is a smooth “in-and-out talker” as they say in Dutch. That won’t take in international diplomats for whom this kind of talk is their stock-in-trade but as an international hasbarist, appearing before a largely ignorant public, he will probably be rather effective.

  5. I cannot even imagine a day when America stands up to Israel and forces Israel to accept Palestinians as equals, much less, go back to pre-’67 borders in fact, the first and probably the last time a US President stood up to Israel and forced it to do something Israel did not want, was when Israel had to withdraw from its Suez canal invasion and Eisenhower forced it and the Franco-British forces to back off.

    With the number of Blindly pro-Israel House and Senate members in mind, US sanctions against Israel are pretty much impossible.

  6. The policy of the US government CAN be changed by the US people. How about starting a mass internet campaign in which citizens pledge NOT TO VOTE for any candidate who takes money from AIPAC or other Zionist organizations? The first goal should be for the US to support a Security Council resolution calling for an immediate suspension of settlement building, with a threat of Chapter VII enforcement action if Israel refuses to accept it.

  7. This rumor began in the Israeli press.
    No sanctions are being proposed. But the administration has
    taken and will continue to take the same position regarding settlements
    as every other administration has taken since Johnson. And just to be
    clear. That position is….

    Further settlement activity is in no way necessary for the security of Israel and only diminishes the confidence of the Arabs that a final outcome can be freely and fairly negotiated.”.- President Reagan, September 1, 1982:

    “Israel should not undertake any activity that contravenes road map obligations or prejudice final status negotiations with regard to Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem. Therefore, Israel must remove unauthorized outposts and stop settlement expansion.” – President Bush, May 26, 2005

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