14 thoughts on “Israel’s Dublin Embassy’s Offensive Social Media Campaign – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, although the Israeli embassy in Dublin tends to lurch from one gaffe to another, these alleged tweets originate from a section of oxygen.ie called “The Spanner” which is intended as satire.

    The tweet that they threatened boards.ie over (the one referring to the “spineless Irish Gov”) is still of uncertain origin. If it was fake, it was certainly credible enough to fool a lot of people, given the embassy’s past behaviour.

      1. Right — amazing. Imagine a US politician sounding off like this. The Ambassador and his wife (yes?) are pitiful characters altogether.

        1. I can’t even think of a European politician speaking like that, and without being interrupted. And Boyd Barrett actually lived in Israel/Palestine for a year. After listening to this guy (his wife is just sitting there smiling like a cow …) I wonder: how the hell do the State of Israel choose their diplomatic staff ? Are they so totally out of reach with reality that they actually think this kind of person is doing anything good for their image.

  2. Just a small correction: Tánaiste is the Irish for Deputy Prime Minister, who happens to be Joan Burton of the Labour Party (a woman, obviously, which makes the insult about appearance if anything even more crass)

  3. Don’t these diplomats truly represent the spirit of their government? It would advance the cause of truth if there were more of them.

  4. Those two are hilarious! Here’s a conspiracy theory for you : Maybe they’re Hamas agents trying to turn us all against Israel. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth – nice analogy Richard! Got a chuckle out of that one

  5. The Irish sense of always being the underdog, squandering our opportunities because of national pathologies that stretch way back into the mists of time – I see this in Israel, on a much more destructive scale. If Ireland is the drunk who starts blubbering into his drink after a few too many, then Israel is the guy who starts a fight and ends up killing someone. Brendan Behan – an Irish novelist – once said “Most people have a nationality, the Irish and the Jews have a psychosis.”

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