5 thoughts on “Israel’s Dublin Embassy Warns: Muslim Hordes Conquering Europe – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Orwellian: claiming another faction is being subversive while you disseminate your foreign agenda from the corners of your Dublin embassy. The formula is quite easy, Richard, since it’s persistent. (1) Identify Israel’s accusations against others; (2) invert them; and, (3) voila, you have a comprehensive list of Israel’s crimes against humanity and upon others.

  2. You do not have space to speak to the cease genocide that has been just forced upon Israel on condition of lifting the FAA ban (that quickly brought them into line AND managed to get Bloomberg out of the country — double win). It is supposed to last for 12 hours and begin in minutes.

    Given the typical Israeli M.O., this will mean that, within the next few minutes, Israel will perform a series of heinous acts meant to the punt the ball and create great enmity among the Palestinians even during the 12 hour break. It is the equivalent of a boxer delivering a series of low blows after the bell for the round has rung.

    I’d like to point out that my other prediction that Israel will be caught red-handed in this conflict executing war crimes came true. Also, the part where I predicted they would commit the stupid act of blaming Hamas. The UN caught then shelling a shelter they warned they wanted to evacuate and the Swedish Press/Military Services said Israel confirmed getting the GPS coordinates to before they killed all those children.

    Now, the conditions have truly been created for all of those Palestinians to think that they have zero places to run or hide. The “roof knocking” propaganda is equally absurd.

    Israel has officially numbered its own days via this act. It will have to now stand in defiance against the rest of the world as it has always postured. As is obvious from the FAA simply closing air traffic to Israel, Israel isn’t as tough as its leader’s outward chutzpah makes them appear. Neither will Israel be able to create any other conditions to allow it escape from this expiry.

  3. Such postings are reminiscent of WW I postings about the “Huns” raping Belgium and France. It is that dated and out of place in our time just as Zionism is that dated and out of place in our time. At some point, these people will be laughed off stage. Unfortunately, a lot of blood will flow before then.

  4. As long as the West props up autocrats in Middle Eastern countries, the people in those countries should have the right to escape those autocrats by emigrating to the West.

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