5 thoughts on “After Killing 2,100 Gazans, Racy IDF Fashion Line Proclaims: “Make Love AND War” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “A group of elite soldiers, armed and dangerous, fearless and highly trained, facing danger every day…”

    Apart from the mind-boggling risks posed by their glamour what danger could these particular colonial bullies possibly be facing every day? The systematic exaggeration of risk and danger is of course an essential element in the justification of colonial suppression.

  2. OMG! This is a nightmare. “These are real soldiers of an army which sees plenty of combat action.” Asymmetric action, isn’t it? More like a shooting arcade or a computer game. Would someone explain what, if anything, is the redeeming virtue of that society? The US government has violated US laws for decades, alienated scores of nations, virtually billions of people and spent a fortune …for this vulgar society?

  3. A year ago or so, the weekend magazine of the NRC (a quality newspaper in the Netherlands, mind you!) was filled with sexy/glamorous photoshoots of IDF women posing with their weapons. Accompanied with pseudo-sociological blahablah about how they could be tough and feminine at the same time etc. etc.

    Not only armed women, but also women having sex with each other seem to have a very special appeal. My guess is that what unites these themes is the ‘hard to get’ edge: “She may be armed and dangerous, but I can conquer her”/”she may think she does not need a man, but when I get her she’ll experience the real thing”, something like that.

    The fascination with Kurdish female fighers is similar: Only beautiful women are featured in the newspapers (which is of course unrealistic), so the sex theme plays a role again. Sigh… Whatever women do, it is always seen though the ‘male gaze’.

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