7 thoughts on “IDF Givati Commander on Goldin’s Capture: Prefered a Dead Soldier to Live One – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What is clear is that the army issued orders (from top down) to murder its own soldiers and to murder surrounding civilians (in great numbers!) where a soldier was caprured (“kidnapped”) by the enemy. Murdering your own soldier see3ms the tiniest bit un-Jewish (to mke, but what do I know about the sanctity of Jewish life, etc.?) adn punishing surrounding civilians sounds like the (prohibited) war-crime of disproportional action and also communal punishment.

    If there be either war-crimes here or crimes against Israeli law, we know who’s to blame. Go to the top.

  2. Looks a bit crazy for sure to saw so much destruction around for one kidnapped soldier but then being viewed “a bit crazy” is perhaps a necessary deterrence-antidote in the particularly wild conditions of the Mid-East.

    1. Jungle Law. Examine your comments for a moment. You just said that Israel should “go crazy” amd commit mass slaughter in order to create a “deterrance” among the Palestinians/Arabs. Recently, an israeli leader (or was it a Rabbi?) said Israeli Jews should rape Arab women any time Arabs commit violence, in order to “deter” them from violence in the future.

      If the shoe were on the other foot, would you be okay with it?
      What if Jews were raped and slaughtered every time Israel made some violent move against Palestinians? Okay in your “Jungle Law” book or, do you find a way to tap-dance around that one?
      I imagine you also believe Germans “going crazy” in Lidice was okay?

  3. Its clear that Israel has to act with the same ruthlessness that Islamists have shown time and time again. Israel cant be hamstrung by the phony altruism depicted by the West. The Islamists look to exploit this weakness and thereby defeat the West and Israel. The Westerners foisting this false altruism are really the enemies of Israel working for their destruction. Someday the roundup of traitors will begin because we can no longer tolerate them in our midst.

    1. Major. Your comments remind me of der Fuhrer. He too believed that “the enemy” should only be shown ruthlessness otherwise, they would exploit and defeat Germany.

      During the Partition of India in 1947, villagers on BOTH sides of the new border were so convinced that the “other” will come, rape their women and kill them, they they killed their own women and dumped their bodies in the village wells. Some wells got to be so full that bodies piled above ground.

      This is the same value system in Israel that you seem to stand behind so strongly; that israel should kill its own, rather than risk having them be captured…and why? so Israel would be forced to release hundreds of Palestinians who had no business being in prison in the first place? No, the Palestinians had “Blood on their hands”.

      I guess Jewish blood is so much more valuable that Jews with Palestinian blood on THEIR hands are often, not even imprisoned.

      Man! and you Israeli Jews contend that Muslims are taught to hate?!!

    2. @ major: That earned you immediate moderation. Phew, I don’t think I’ve ever nailed a commenter faster than you. Read the comment rules. If you try to publish another comment again as racist & Islamophobic as this you’ll lose all yr comment privileges.

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