26 thoughts on “Gaza War: Day 3, 72 Palestinians Dead, 13 Children – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “The IDF has the quaint idea that calling someone to warn them their home will be destroyed by a massive bomb in five minutes absolves them”

    That’s more than Hamas is doing when they target Israeli civilian areas with their rockets.

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        1. Hamas use sugar rockets, they are simple to made at home. Their thrust and cargo capability are low. Though , because of their reach, require authorization from government for launching, at certain places in deserts. But they are just hobbyists. There are festivals which include firing such rockets in US. But,this kind of rockets are of the ones which are less sophisticated.

          For some to reach as far as Jerusalem, they probably had lacked the explosive cargo, and were used just as part of the fuel. So, these were probably launched to reach the highest altitude possible, to make a parabola in rarified air. The destruction power was very low, and it just had the ability to turn on warning sirens. The trajectory is considerably easier to calculate, so it could be readily intercepted by the far more sophisticated and expensive Iron Dome rockets. But if they were let to hit, they’d just hit the flor, making a large metal noise, with no explosion.

          If there is an explosion, it is something new. Probably given by Hesbollah (I don’t know by which means…).

          1. @Hey

            Nowhere I said it’s firework. I meant it is dirty simple and cheap to make, and it is one of the less lethal and psychological efficient weapon tactics that I know of. And, using more explosives in a longer range rocket does not really make much sense since it makes the probability of hitting a palestinian target in the west bank more likely.

            According to the link you gave, it seems none of these more powerful rockets never hit anything. And the conclusion that it was a Fajr5 is, right now, just speculation or mere IDF claims.

          2. @RS – and you don’t see the problem with shooting those towards population centers, hoping it just hits someone. Why don’t you go blog from Sderot then?
            @daniel rocha – it is less lethal up to the point it hits and kills someone. And the population is clearly under psychological stress.
            The conclusion it was a Fajr 5 comes from no other than the commander of the IGRC, Mohammad Ali Jafari, who declared in the Guardian on Nov 21,2012, that Iran enabled Hamas with the Fajr 5, and Hamas claim that it did fire the Fajr at Israel.

          3. @Hey

            Anything is safe until it kills. Anything kills. Besides, psyc washing is even more unexcusable than pink washing. Imagine the stress Palestinians suffer to the point of insanity! You have to not look further reasons to find why a few youngsters are willing to explode themselves.

            Mind to give the link for the claim by Hamas about the rocket?

          4. If I lived in Sderot, I swear whenever the sirens, I swear I’d start a barbecue, at least to me, in front of my house. From the statistics, it’s much more likely than being harmed there, during this time, than anytime, anywhere in my city, Rio de Janeiro, or in any big Latin American city.

            Probably, it’s more likely, much more, to die driving there.

          5. Hard to imagine the tough Jews nervous about these rockets. But maybe it’s the sirens that disturb them. One way or another, their extreme anxiety gets alleviated by terminating the lives of hundreds of gentiles, including 13 children already. That seems to do the trick. Israel might just as well swoop in on helicopters (donated by US taxpayers) pick up say one hundred Pals and sacrifice them one by one on an altar of the State as a god. This is transparently the case: Human sacrifice to a false idol.

          6. @Hey

            I imagined this to be the case: Iran provided the technology, that is, not only the design of the rocket, but the specifications that gives pressure in various parts of it, given different fuels. This is very important. It is very likely that Hamas uses a modified version, which keeps only the most critical parts parts to functioning with the low performance fuel they use in the Qassam.

      2. There is quite simply no need. But, I do love when the true believers get into the “most moral army” mood. The much-touted army hasn’t fought another army in many decades. I’ve seen these moral but tough guys corner a five year old and arrest him.

  2. Funny, Israel doesn’t target civilians but kills scores of them. Hamas targets civilians and kills none. I would say I go by the result. To even the score, Hamas would have to kill 80 Israeli civilians or if adjusted to population size, 400 civilians.

    1. That is one of the most moronic comments I’ve seen in this site, and that’s saying something.
      ‘Even the score’? What’s this, the world cup?
      Israel has less casualties since it invests billions in civil defense.

      1. No, I just see outrage only when Jewish blood is spilled, never when Palestinian blood is spilled so I have to explain to ethnocentric people like yourself what it would feel like if things were turned around. Now try to imagine the world outrage if 80 Israelis were killed! But when they are poor and defenseless, their blood is worthless.

        Also, you seem to imply that having civil defense compared to a population of refugees locked in a ghetto, makes your killing somewhat more acceptable?

        1. If you don’t see the outrage, time to step out of your echo chamber.

          If Hamas focused more on building Gaza than on destroying Israel we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But you keep your indignation for those defending themselves and ignore the root cause.

          1. @ Hey: More horseshit from the hasbara gallery. How is Hamas supposed to “build” Gaza when Israel & Egypt have it under siege? What is it supposed to use? Air? Sand?

            If Israel focused more on building Israel and less on destroying Palestine, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

            Usually I try to be very conservative about moderating or banning commenters. But I’m afraid I may have to add a comment rule about not publishing hasbara bullshit. It would go something like this: if you try to publish anything that defies reason and insults our intelligence, you may lose your comment privileges.

  3. The bombing, death and injured is devastating. I demonstrated against Israel’s last offensive against Gaza. Again, Israel is ruthlessly killing Gaza civilians, men women and children. Netanyahu has more blood on his hands!

    July 10, 2014 – All of Gaza burns: Gaza’s Ark as well
    During an attack on the port of Gaza, the area came under fire from the Israeli Occupation forces. At about 2:00 am local time Gaza’s Ark caught fire. The sustained Israeli assault prevented the civil defense fire brigade from extinguishing the blaze until approximately 3:30 am. When daylight comes to Gaza it may be possible to better evaluate the nature of the damage to the Ark and to nearby fishing boats.

    In the context of so many innocent civilian Palestinian deaths, the destruction of homes, hospitals, schools and other civilian infrastructure, the material damage to our project pales to insignificance. We are all thankful there was no loss of life in this particular attack, and we mourn with you all the senseless destruction and killings of Palestinians by the ongoing Israeli attacks.

    Together with the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, Gaza’s Ark campaign will not give up. Together with our Palestinian partners we will continue to challenge the blockade and press for freedom for all Palestinians.

    Petitions for a truce/ceasefire:
    Jewish Voice for peace (JVP)

    Richard, or anyone, please leave locations/links to current/upcoming protests in the US and Canada. Thank you.

  4. Someone left a link to this article, which I went to and posting below, segment. Thank you, whoever posted it!!
    Thank you Mary for the above link, protests around the world. I was able to find one in my town tomorrow – I searched online and was unable to locate anything, till I saw this link.
    And, thank you Richard, for your dedication, perseverance and all your invaluable work and time clarifying what is happening.

    Diskin: Delusional government brought us to this security deterioration” – ynet
    “Former Shin Bet chief criticizes Israeli leadership that is under the ‘illusion that the Palestinians will just accept all that we are doing in the West Bank and not respond.’ ”
    “”The escalation of violence in the territories, Jerusalem and the triangle (of Arab towns in central Israel) are the direct result of the policies of the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin wrote late Friday in a harshly critical Facebook post.”

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