19 thoughts on “IDF Appoints New Commander of Shayetet 13, Commando Unit Responsible for Mavi Marmara Massacre – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Just out of curiosity – does the US publicly name the active commander of SEAL Team 6?
    does any country, for that matter, publicly name the active commander of its elite commando unit?

      1. that’s nice, but you didn’t answer my question. You wrote that Shayetet 13 is the equivalent of SEAL Team 6. So can you name the commander of SEAL Team 6? Can you find a picture of the dude? it’s a simple question, really.

        And also “Israel does not publicly name ANY IDF commanders or Mossad or Shabak officers”. That is so incredibly not true I don’t even know how to react. After spending 5 seconds with Google – http://www.jpost.com/Defense/First-Druse-officer-to-command-Golani-Brigade-329705.
        you’ll find the names of 2 IDF infantry brigades active commanders in this link, publicly named by the IDF.
        So where did your statement came from?

        1. @ Daniel: All you had to do was look it up on Wikipedia. This article lists all of the commanders of SEAL Team 6 in one handy place. Go to town. Now I expect an acknowledgement of how wrong you were. And not an obfuscation but a direct acknowledgement.

          As for naming commanders, I can show you literally scores, if not hundreds of media articles which use one initial to refer to IDF commanders. My guess is that because the IDF wanted to showcase it was promoting an Israeli non-Jew, they felt they had to use his full name. Using an initial in this case would’ve made the article virtually meaningless.

          BTW, can you show me any news sources besides this blog which name unit heads of Mossad or Shabak?

          1. what did I wrote? “Just out of curiosity – does the US publicly name the active commander of SEAL Team 6?”
            ACTIVE. Active commander. Not former commander. Active commander.
            Do you get the difference?
            So I’ll ask again – Does the US publicly name the ACTIVE (as in, not former) commander of SEAL team 6? can you find a the name and picture of the dude? If you can’t, please acknowledge that you can’t. If you can, you’ll get a direct and full acknowledgement that I was wrong. Deal?

            And for the second part – you wrote “Israel does not publicly name ANY IDF commanders or Mossad or Shabak officers”. I don’t really know about Mossad or Shabak. If you say that all unit commanders are kept secret, I believe you. But you said that *ANY* IDF commander is not publicly named. Again, that is such B.S I was certain you had a slip-up, but it seems you actually think that. So – The commanders of all 4 infantry brigade are known (including those who took part in Operation Cast Lead, if you’re going to say that those are kept secret in particular). if you’ll venture into Hebrew Wikipedia you’ll even find the active commanders of all battalion of those brigade. You don’t even have to use your source to find that out. Google would do just fine.
            As you can see: names of commanders of regular fighting units are NOT A SECRET. Even the Jews among them.

            And the fact that you can show me a whole bunch of article where commanders are referred to by one letter is really nice, but that’s have NOTHING to do with what you wrote. Special forces commanders usually are kept not publicly named, that’s true.
            But that is not what you said. Learn how to make an argument. If you say that *ANY* IDF commander is not publicly named, and I show you there’s a lot that ARE named (including practically every commander of infantry corps excluding special forces)…. then you’re statement is dead wrong.
            Can we get nice honest acknowledgment of that?

          2. @ Daniel: Wikipedia lists the CURRENT active-duty commander of U.S. Special Forces as Adm. William Raven. USAF Special Operations Command current active-duty commadner is Lt. Gen. Eric Fiel. I’m sure if I spent any time doing this I could easily find the unit heads of many other U.S. “elite commando” units.

            The term used in English is “active duty,” not “active.” I didn’t understand what you were asking.

            Israel doesn’t name the active duty or retired commanders of Shayetet 13 or any of its elite forces. Take a look at the Wikipedia article for Shayetet 13 & tell me where the retired commanders are listed, let alone the active duty ones. As you’ve acknowledged, retired commanders of SEAL teams are publicly known.

            Nor does Israel name unit commanders or any personnel for Shabak or Mossad. Again this is not true of the U.S. where identities of non-covert personnel are generally publicly known.

            We’re done with this discussion & the thread is now closed to you. Do not publish again here. You may publish in other threads if you wish. Not this one.

  2. One point: why do you assume, on no evidence, that anyone assassinated OBL? Far more likely he died, probably in late 2001, of advanced kidney disease.

  3. Richard please read the piece penned by Gideon Levy in today’s friday july 4th in haaretz.
    israelis don’t want piece – DEAD ON –
    i see no difference between the leadership of egypt and israel’s – samo samo – shadow players – give the people cake and let US be the DECIDERS – Come hell or high water WE THE LEADERS HAVE THE ONLY TRUTH THAT MATTERS, POOH POOH EVERYONE ELSE THAT IS NOT MEMBER OF OUR CULT OF TERRORISM –
    i am afraid that Israel’s days are counted at this stage – and israelis are following the piper straight over the cliff and into oblivion.

    1. Assassins are the real Jews as in the old days. Flaunting International Law, war crimes and crimes against humanity. I wish you a long life to witness the havoc Likud’s policy has wrought on Israel.

    2. @ Ron Temis: I find that so offensive that you’ve earned moderation. Future comments will only be published if they are civil & respect the comment rules.

      Actually, I have enormous respect for both Jews of the ghetto and of the Diaspora. It is the ‘Jews of the ghetto’ who preserved Judaism for a millenium. The Jews of Zion are a recent phenomenon & the jury is still out whether your Jewish type will last another 100 years, if that, at the rate you’re going.

  4. Israel’s FM Avigdor Liberman declares Hamas leaders should be assassinated

    The Foreign Minister continued by stressing the need to go after the leaders of terrorism wherever they are saying, “We must lay hands on all those who perpetrated and encouraged the murder of the three teenagers, including [Hamas PM Ismail] Haniyeh and [Hamas leader Khaled] Mashaal.”

    He added that the two should consider themselves “legitimate targets.”

    The comments followed comments made by Liberman on Sunday where he said that only a full-scale return of Israeli control to Gaza would end the rocket fire.

  5. Thanks Richard for the great article. Watching the video was my laugh for the day, and that’s saying something, considering what the illegal Israeli squatters did to the Palestinian boy. I did want to make one correction for this article and future ones. The Israeli commandos murdered ten of our passengers, one an American citizen. They also wounded over 50 on board ALL six boats.

    1. @ Greta Berlin: Thanks. I knew that. But for some reason I’ve repeated the “nine deaths” version so often here that I forgot another victim died of his wounds a few months ago.

  6. Holy crap, Richard, is it so difficult for you to admit that you’re wrong? everybody is wrong sometimes, what’s the big deal?

    1) SEAL team 6 active duty (thanks for the correction, I thought it was clear enough. my bad) commander. not anything else. YOU wrote that Shayatet 13 is the equivalent of SEAL team 6. Not me. And I’m still asking, for the 3rd time. And you still can’t answer, and refuse to admit that. what gives?

    2) There’s a big difference between naming a 60 year old Admiral who sits behind a desk and naming a commando unit direct commander who might take part in combat or special operations. I know you know that. come on.

    3) “Take a look at the Wikipedia article for Shayetet 13 & tell me where the retired commanders are listed” – sure. They are listed right at the bottom, under “מפקדי השייטת”. I know Hebrew isn’t your strongest side (hey, English is not mine, as you can probably tell), but still. It’s right there. again, what you wrote is completely wrong.

    4) and, obviously, no acknowledgment of your false statement that names of *ALL* IDF commanders are kept secret.

    P.S – Go ahead a moderate me. It’s really ok, I’m just writing this reply so you can read it.
    Admitting your mistakes will only make you look better. no shame in that. give it a try sometime.

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