2 thoughts on “Israel’s Supreme Court Affirms Book-Ban After Publication – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Justice Solberg, author of this travesty of justice, also found in favor of an accused IDF war criminal, profiled by Israel’s most popular TV magazine host, Ilana Dayan. As part of the broadcast, she included a video showing the plaintiff killing a Palestinian girl. Solberg ordered the segment profiling the soldier censored and for Dayan to pay him $100,000. Solberg’s decision has been appealed to the very Supreme Court on which he now sits. What decision do you think we can expect from his colleagues?”

    A continuation of the legal incompetence that seems to be the standard of Israeli law.

  2. In a country without a constitution, the purpose of the high court is something like “to serve society.” Accordingly, the finding of the court, the opinion provided, brings into focus the outlines of the society being served. The court here is constraining behaviors which violate modesty over the interests of a society in freedom of expression, as RS indicates. In legislating conformity (to an interpretation of religious “tradition,”), the court provides yet another signal of the authoritarian society evolving in Israel. I think that “conformity” is a necessary condition for authoritarian regimes. The The high court is then expressing the preeminence of the ideology (“Jewish” law, Zionist ideology) over the messiness of completely free expression. The decision appears ridiculous to Americans but we do not see any pressing need for “Jewish” law or Zionism, but rather the need for freedom of expression. The court, however, sees such an ideological need in order to serve the Zionist society. The decision should be interpreted as ideological.

    Thanks RS for defying yet again the gag order of a court for which I personally have little respect. (see “The Law in These Parts” documentary.)

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