6 thoughts on “Israeli Poll of Iranians Hides Participation of Israeli Intelligence Agency – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, can’t you see this is nothing bus hasbara in disguise, how do you rationalize the irrationable and make it valid if not by twisting the other side position not so dissimilar than yours. propaganda under another facade is still propaganda. Nothing but absolutely nothing that the Israeli government pronounces is further from ANY truth. It’s gotten so bad that at times i get truly and physically ill to listen any politician try to validate or admonish the rest of the world for not acting/behaving the way Israeli politicians/army DEMAND. people ask how come israeli citizenry doesn’t react to abhorrent government behavior. it is because we have been immunized by the constant barrage of lies that we are unable to see the truth. people are in perpetual denial status a tremendous shake is in dire need to let us see the abyss, but sorrily thanks to the adelsons the abyss just does not exist.. stop this world i want to get off

    1. Sure — hasbara, but this is the NYT and we must complain about this phony stuff and “disputed territories.” The entire world agrees that the West Bank is occupied, how dare the NYT use hasbara lingo in its article. The entire world, even the US.

      1. David, ever heard of paid advertising, that’s what AIPAC’s budgets are all about. smell the coffee

  2. Another great article on Tikun Olam. Many thanks. In regards to Isabel Kershner’s non-standard usage, take a look at a TimesWarp post concerning just that, “Disenfranchised: How the NY Times Spins the Status of Palestinian Land.” The Times has several ways of saying that Palestine is not Palestine, and Kerhsner is just one of the vehicles for this obfuscation. You can find the article at http://wp.me/p3zcQt-4u.

  3. The description of IDC as “Israel’s leading private University” is ridiculous. For one thing, it is NOT a university but a college, both in terms of official designation and de-facto. An academic institution that only has limited specific schools (usually popular professions that require little infrastructure) is a college. IDC has no Natural Sceinces Faculty, no Engeeniring, No Mathematics, No humanities, cannot be called a University. As for “leading” – that is a matter of subjective judgement. The research output of IDC is no greater than that of The College of Managemnt, for example, which is another leading academic instituition. The difference is in the PR department. But good PRis no substitution to research.

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