15 thoughts on “Israel’s War on Facebook – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Never mind that Islam has nothing to do with Uighur grievances against Chinese authorities.”

    How do you know that, Richard?

    Tibetans have identical grievances as Uigurs, but haven’t launched any terror attacks on the Han Chinese.

    The current form of resistance chosen Tibetan youth is self immolation. Tibetans are overwhelmingly Buddhist.


    1. @ Shoshana: Even a cursory review of Google would prove your claim about Tibetans wrong. There has been massive violence & unrest among Tibetan communities directed at the Chinese. Uighur culture and traditions are different than Tibetan. BTW, there are similar sorts of unrest and violence all over China, not just in Uighur lands. So singling out Uighurs or claiming that they are terrorists while there is no other similar sense of grievance in the rest of China is false.

      Not to mention I object to anyone including you attempting to advance the argument that Islam is the motivating force in such violence. Especially doing so without a shred of evidence. Uighurs have political, social and economic grievances against the Han. Religion has nothing to do with it.

      1. In fact you refer to jewish terrorism in this very post. I thought Jews were a religion? Or are they magically a nationality when it suits you?

        1. @ Sara: Settlers and fellow terrorists are Jews and their motivation for their terrorism is to protect Jewish interests as they perceive them. They hate non Jewish citizens of Israel. The best characterization of what they do & why is to call it “Jewish terror.” If I called it “Israeli terror” that would be wrong because Israeli non-Jews are not engaged in this sort of terror.

          1. Settlers hate non-Jewish citizens of Israel?? You can’t possibly actually believe this. I have family and friends in the so-called settlements, regular people with families and children and to think they hate non-Jewish citizens of Israel is simply laughable. And Muslims can never want to defend Islamic interests as they see them!? Only Jews?!

          2. @ Sara: I see. So all of this vitriolic hate you’re reading that is featured in the FB groups portrayed in this post, including the group liked by 61,000 Israelis…all of that hate doesn’t come from settlers and their supporters inside Israel. It comes from…where?

            I have no idea who your family & friends are in these settlements, but if they don’t hate Palestinians there are thousands of other settlers who do. BTW, this isn’t “laughable” at all, it’s deadly serious. I mean that literally.

          3. Can there ever be Islamic terror? What about the attack on the Jewish school in Toulouse? What if the terrorists release statements explicitly linking the attacks with Islam? And why can’t Jewish terrorist attacks ever be given a context or motivation aside from “hatred” and “racism”? You seem to provide a very different standard for Jews, Richard.

          4. To Sara, I don’t believe Richard is discounting the existence of terrorism that is motivated by muslim beliefs (Richard please correct me if I’m wrong) in fact I don’t think anyone could given incidences like the fatwah on Salman Rushdie and the gross overreaction to the danish cartoons. However I find it odd that those who are so quick to point out the occasional horrifying behavior of what is, in reality, a relatively small yet vocal and violent portion of the Muslim world are very reluctant to confront and deal with that behavior among members of their own religious or ethnic group. I can’t understand how people can look at the behavior of the settlers and the army and government endorsing them and not see a direct parallel to the Jim Crow south and apartheid South Africa. Why are you not as morally outraged at that as you are at muslim, or secular, or christian terrorism? Not only that, but whether or not your settler friends are nice is not the point. They are at the very least amoral, if not immoral. They are choosing to live on the occupied and stolen lands of another people. Period. I don’t care about whether they may not have had economic opportunity where they were living before. They have either chosen to embrace, or at least ignore, the fact that there choice is helping to oppress and disenfranchise people, almost like what happened to the Jewish people in the 1930’s and 40’s huh? This behavior is wrong no matter who commits it, and choosing to participate, ignore the impact of, or excuse this behavior puts blood on your hands. It may be hard to stand for the right things, but until you stand up for the dignified treatment of people everywhere, no matter there creed or nationality, you have no right to criticize those who attempt to.

  2. [comment deleted–the comment threads are places for reasoned discussion, not breathless rants or places for political sloganeering. Please stop doing this or I’ll have to moderate you.]

  3. @Sara
    “I have family and friends in the so-called settlements, regular people with families and children and to think they hate non-Jewish citizens of Israel is simply laughable. ”

    It is you, Sara who are laughable. The fact you admit you have family and friends living illegally in Palestine, in flagrant contravention of international law, and that you have the chutzpah to call them “so called settlements”, shows you have no idea what you are talking about. To Palestinians, and to me, settlers are not “regular people” but are colonizers who contribute to the destruction of Palestinian lives and livelihood. That to me is Jewish terror. Not Israeli terror, because the terrorism is committed by Jews against Palestinians on whose land they are living illegally.

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  4. I agree with Tyler and Mary Hughes. As for the Uighurs, I visited Uyghurstan/Chinese Turkestan/Xinjiang: very nice people, and their grievances are not religious motivated. They are discriminited against, in their own country, by the Chinese Han.

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