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  1. Some synchronicity here – on New Year’s Day I went to see the Irish traditional band Altan (with Daithi on guitar) in concert in Donegal, on their own home turf, and they, too, took this film as a welcome opportunity to revisit The Death of Queen Jane. The concert (starting with support band, Fidil) is here: http://livetrad.com and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFZ4FEztR2g The song starts at 1:32:05. The whole concert is well worth it though if you’re into Irish music. The all-star-session at the very end is simply stellar.

    I haven’t watched the film yet – is the depiction of one man’s life and character flaws really meant to represent the whole era?

    1. @Fiddler- Thanks for linking to this!

      I’m a great fan of Irish music. This summer I visited Ireland for the first time (bought a bodhran and am still “fiddling” around learning to play it). Great performance and wonderful music. Couldn’t get enough of pub music (and oddly enough, I had to traverse a few pubs to get away from the tourist spots to hear good Irish music… I didn’t travel all the way to Ireland to hear renditions of various American/Touristy songs).

      RS-if we ever got together and left Middle East Politics at the door, we’d no doubt have what to talk about over a pint of Guinness (or Murphy’s).

      As to the movie… I haven’t seen it yet either. I understand your comment and position. The issue with producing narratives…even the Coen Bros. is that they will sometimes stretch reality to make a point… even twisting the reality to give it a bad taste when it didn’t need to be- or might not be an actual reflection of reality.

      Again I didn’t see the movie, but I can only think the motivation of their portrayal of the character and atmosphere about him was to make a point they wanted to make- not necessarily the reality of what really happened. It obviously distorted reality enough for you to take objection.

      Narratives do this plenty of times. Your point is valid, but since this isn’t a documentary, but based-on-fact fiction (I assume) you can be sure reality will be portrayed in the eyes of the film makers.

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