11 thoughts on “McCain Plays iPhone Poker While Advocating That Damascus Burns – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. McCain may believe that the world is in favor of bombing Syria, but the reality is that few in the US and UK (obviously) support this adventure. But, McCain’s behavior is par for the course. This whole thing has been marked by the most vile and corrupted lies and stupidity, the insult of yet another ME “war” which will cost tax dollars while teachers are still being laid off and unemployment is unabated. Twelve years in Afghanistan and no soldier will venture outside without keflar, armor, and arms. Twelve years and nothing to show. Not to mention Iraq. The War on Terror has nullified constitutional guarantees and created lethal drones that will surely hover over LA, NYC and Chicago soon looking for “patterns of behavior.” Has the US always been so horrendously bereft of principles? See Jon Stewart’s piece on the Syria decision. People of good will are at their wit’s end. 5774? So what?

  2. RE: [T]he International Crisis Group, under the leadership of CEO (and former UN war crimes investigator) Louise Arbour, has taken a strong stand against Obama’s war, calling it “a fool’s errand.” ~ R.S.


    ● FROM CodePink4Peace.org: Diplomacy and Aid for Syria, Not Military Strikes
    Send a letter to your members of Congress calling for peace not war on Syria! We plea with President Obama and Congress to seek an immediate ceasefire, begin regional peace talks and provide humanitarian aid to the over 2 million refugees fleeing the violence.
    LINK – http://codepink.salsalabs.com/o/424/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=7156

    Tell Congress: Don’t Attack Syria
    We have already delayed an attack on Syria, and forced the President to ask Congress for authorization. The next step in preventing war is to get Congress to deny permission for war. Add your name to this petition, and I will deliver it to your Member of Congress. Your voice matters.
    TO SIGN – http://dontattacksyria.com/?source=GTXTNotOurProblem

    ● FROM MoveOn.org: Say “No!” to US strikes on Syria!
    TO SIGN PETITION – http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/truly-protect-the-syrian

    ● FROM RootsAction.org: Prevent an Attack on Syria Now
    If you live in the U.S. and want to email Obama, your senators and representative, expressing opposition to an attack on Syria, please click HERE.
    If you reside outside the United States, you can still sign this petition by clicking HERE.

  3. RE: “The U.S. already has at least two failed states on its plate (Afghanistan and Iraq) and doesn’t need another.” ~ R.S.

    MY COMMENT: I would argue that Libya makes a third failed state for us. Southern Libya is now said to be the newest base of operations for Al Qaeda.
    ALSO SEE: ‘Violent chaos’: Libya in deep crisis 2 years since rebels took over, RT, 8/26/13
    LINK – http://rt.com/news/libya-gaddafi-fall-anniversary-981/

  4. I listened to BAebi-Face Blair beating his little tin war drum on the BBC this morning…need I say a word?

    McCain playing poker is perfect illustration of whats going on…the Great Game resumes…we, and the earth’s resources, are their chips.
    We will all be deep-fat fried in Middle Eastern holy oil…with optional side order of mushroom omelette.

  5. We should not be surprised at McCain playing poker. They have contempt for the public and lack any moral conviction. I doubt that it is available
    but if you go back to the hearings on the POWMIA issue it was McCain and Kerry who blocked subpenoas thus shutting the hearings down.
    And we know, and they had to know, that Nixon and Kissinger knowingly left POWs behind in Nam. Last night CBS showed an interview with
    Diane Feinstein asking her about her constituents” lack of support for war, with a smirk she acknowledged this but said “they don’t know what I know”
    Well why the hell not? John Stewart showed a clip of McCain giggling like a little child over being caught playing poker. So there is a long history of
    contempt for the public and lying. Whether its the Gulf of Tonkin or Powell spouting bull scat they just don’t care what we think knowing that there will
    be no penalty for lying.

    1. Only place I disagree there, Bob, is the ‘lack any moral conviction’.
      Unfortunately they have all the conviction, but a twisted and falsified morality of unquestionable self-righteousness.

  6. i think you forget to mention Somalia as failled state.
    the us jsoc operations and the proxy war with ethiopia turned somalia in a failled state without bouts on the ground.

  7. I’m surprised that Tom Friedman seems opposed to AIPAC on this one.
    This is either a “mistake” adn he will recant or is a serious break with the pack (and with Obama and the other panderers).

    1. It was interesting, but Friedman is a little to the left of AIPAC. And anyway, the idea that we should support “moderate” rebels is just another form of intervention. Are we really that good at picking out “moderates”? Our record of supporting “moderates” in the past shouldn’t make anyone feel good about supplying yet another group with weapons. I’d like to see the US get out of the military intervention business (directly or indirectly) altogether.

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