7 thoughts on “Israeli Attorney Exposes “Parallel” Legal System for Embarrassing Security Cases – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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        1. There’s a difference between the U.S. & Israel. WHile I don’t approve of extraordinary rendition (whether it’s the U.S. or Israel doing it), the U.S. doesn’t disappear it’s own citizens while Israel does. There’s a big difference.

          That being said, the U.S. has killed several Muslim-American citizens in targeted killings. Of course, I thoroughly disapprove of this & have said so here.

          But generally I’m talking about how Israel handles national security cases & the lack of due process & transparency. With all its other flaws, the U.S. doesn’t do what Israel does.

    1. MI5 and MI6 have frequently openly prosecuted wrongdoers from within their own organizations.

      These have included such embarrassments as an MI6 source who tortured a writer to death, hid his body, emptied his bank accounts and was in the process of trying to dispose of the man’s property when caught. It seemed so unlikely that this crook had ever worked for MI6, that they’d have gotten away with denying it, but they owned up to having employed him, somewhat to the judge’s astonishment.

      There have been at least half a dozen conmen pretending to be MI5 officers who’ve been prosecuted in recent years. They’ve tended to get long sentences, mainly because they have subjected their victims to extended ordeals under the guise of a “covert operation” where the victims have to follow the conman around the country “living undercover” until all their wealth has been extracted.

      I’d vote to wall this kind of offender up in an alcove, frankly.

      Gary James was prosecuted quite openly, for spying for Iran while serving in the TA as a translator.

      There’s no secrecy about someone being jailed, but they are held under conditions where their capacity o communicate from within jail is strictly controlled, for obvious reasons.

      If the likes of Harry Roberts and Kenneth Noye were held on the same basis, a lot of criminal gangs would be essentially leaderless…

      The MoD did build a jail on Pitcairn Island, but it was for the mayor of the community there to serve a sentence for sexual offences, whilst still working as Mayor on daytime parole! It is not a military garrison, but the MoD Police are responsible for policing the island as there’s no other police force in a position to do so. (The island cannot be policed by a neighbouring country, because there isn’t one.)

      In the USA, every jail in the country, from county lockups to Federal Penitentiaries, has to send tallies for all the prisoners held on each night, to the DoJ via the FBI, every week. It is a Federal offence, and serious one, to hold someone overnight without notifying the DoJ. That’s not to say that some County Sheriffs don’t do hold prisoners without reporting them, but they are committing a serious crime.

      There is no exemption for the military and intelligence services, which is why the facility in Cuba was constructed: so that prisoners are not held on American soil. Even then, they weren’t actually held in conditions of total secrecy.

      There is a prison, mostly underground, on the site of a former “indirect fire” coastal defence battery on Portland Island, but it has a category C prison population of mostly minor criminals from Dorset, two of whom have managed to escape from something very like Alcatraz without the sea views. The whole point of an indirect fire battery, is that there’s absolutely nothing visible above ground for an attacking naval force to lay its guns on.


      If one was going to hold prisoners in secret in the UK, the Verne would probably be the place to do it, simply because the structure is naturally pretty proof against mobile phone signals.

  1. good post, richard. thanks for drawing attention to the ‘parallel’ world of “justice”. It’s all the more important because the US is trying hard to put in place similar jusdicial “Alice in Wonderland” frameworks, even as we speak. it’s just that the country is bigger and has something called the Constitution. that much more work to circumvent it…fodder for great legal minds?

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