13 thoughts on “Israel Social TV Video: Israel’s Attack on Latakia – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you for the additional info in your video. The Yakhont appears to be quite a defensive weapon to protect the Syrian coastline from vessels running weapons and fighters to shore. It is also a risk for any NATO advances towards an attack on Syria. Israel is a partner that can operate with impunity from the US administration, Obama, Kerry, Brennan, Rice and Hagel et al. I cannot think of a motive why Damascus and Moscow do not react to this outrageous attack on a (still) sovereign state of Syria. Following US policy minute by minutein the past year, I hope it is because there is a growing understanding with Washington that the Syrian conflict requires a political solution in Geneva 2.

    The potential and diversity of jihadists and foreign fighters (mujahideen) from Pakistani Taliban and Chechens is growing, must be worrying to Western powers at last. What a great stupidity the past decade, or so.
    Israel doing NATO’s advance attack on Syria’s strict defensive Yakhont missiles?!

    “… it exists in the land-based ‘Bastion’ coastal-defence variant and is thus strictly defensive. However, when mounted onto a warship which is essentially a highly-mobile platform, the Yakhont’s range could be extended beyond the defensive perimeters of one’s coastal confines. Prior to the introduction of the ship-launched Yakhont, anti-ship missiles – such as the Western-made Exocet and Harpoon as well as Russian-built Styx and Switchblade – carried aboard Southeast Asian warships are characterised by subsonic speeds and possess ranges not more than 200 kilometres at most.

    By contrast, the Yakhont has a maximum range of 300 kilometres when flying at high altitude, and maximum speed of Mach 2.5. The only non-Southeast Asian countries in the wider Western-Pacific with equivalent capabilities are China whose Russian-built Sovremennny destroyers are armed with the Sunburn missile, and Taiwan which has recently deployed the Hsiung Feng III aboard its warships.”

    Yakhont 3M55E supersonic anti-ship cruise missile

  2. If indeed Israel attacked the missiles in Latakia, as you declare, so it is real Tikun Olam!!!

    Sham on you – Killer’s supporter!! Assad’s supporter!!

      1. At least you are honest enough to publish my comment. The “Sham” was not a mistake. Please, google Syria and Sham. You will learn that your beloved country,the paragon of human rights, has other names.

        Git Shabbes

        1. @Eli: “Sham on you” was not a mistake? Brush up your Shakespeare and your English buddy!

          Your own country has a few choice names as well.

          I don’t mind people who disagree with my views. But morons like you don’t even bother to read enough of my work to know what they are. I don’t support Assad. If you did even the least bit of research you’d know that. But I don’t support Israeli intervention into Syria’s conflict either. But that’s far too nuanced a position for petulant idiots like you to grasp.

          1. OK, thanks for your reply, your compliments and your recommendations!!! Please, continue your great work and continue to Letaken Olam!!! I will return when my English will be good enough for you.

  3. Since you don’t like my English, I think better for you read the opinion of an SA journalist before you declare that the Syrian weapons, or any Arab state’s weapons, have a role in protecting these countries from Israel. I hope you won’t say that this journalist is a moron and idiot like me. In my humble opinion, his English is excellent:


    Git Shabbes!!!

    1. @Eli: Why would a Saudi journalist know anything about Syria? Further, unless you can prove that Arab News is a credible journalistic source, I don’t even have any interest in reading the article (much journalism emanating from Saudi Arabia & other states in the region is garbage).

  4. Richard, Why would an American blogger know anything about Israel? This SA journalist lives in the ME and as an Arab journalist, I think he knows better than both of us about Arab nations and the Arab countries, which SA is one of them, position toward Israel.

    I don’t understand why Arab News is not a credible source and I don’t accept your comment that SA journalism is garbage. I can’t prove nothing so I assume you will not read this article. I am sorry for that since it is very important to me to bring other opinion. I hope other readers of this site will read it and see that there are other opinions in the Arab worlds.


    1. You’re absolutely right: which is why the IDF censor gets asked fairly regularly how she feels about a certain American blogger publishing all the things she’s trying to keep secret. You see, only Israelis, especially ignorant ones like yourself, know anything about Israel. No one outside Israel can possibly know anything about that country. And your comment proves the truth of your claims.

      The above was meant in utmost irony in case anyone has doubts.

      There certainly are credible journalists & publications in the Arab world. It’s just that you haven’t offered any proof that your source is one of them.

  5. Again, you attack me personally. I ask you to stop using “moron, idiot, ignorant” etc and stick to the point.

    I think you don’t understand my language: You wrote “Why would a Saudi journalist know anything about Syria?” so I wrote the same question “Why would an American blogger know anything about Israel?”. I didn’t mean you don’t know nothing about Israel. I only wanted to show that your question about the SA journalist was not fair.

    I repeat again: the article I sent contains SA journalist opinion about the Arab countries position toward Israel. It doesn’t contain news, only opinion. So, I don’t have to proof nothing about the source. Only one man, Arabic leaves in the ME, opinion about the conflict. There are other positions in the Arab world.

    A-gitte Woche!!

    1. @Eli: I do not care or want to hear your religious felicitations. They clearly connote a unspoken, unwritten code which I reject. You and I don’t daven together and share nothing in common aside from being Jewish. And being Jewish will not allow us to surmount those other differences no matter how many Gut Shabboses you offer me.

      Keep your comments to substance.

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