12 thoughts on “State Witness in Bar Noar Gay Murders Identified – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hate crime it is. But the involvement of a gay accomplice, a victim of possible rape, makes it more complex than we want to admit. A pure hate crime it can not be. If a Jew joins his non Jewish brother to murder synagogue goers it alters the purity of hate crime definition. Killing your own is not the same as killing the other.

    If the suspect hates gays and wants to kill them, how come he has not killed his own gay brother?

    1. You’re not understanding the situation. The gay accomplice is not a victim of rape. He is a co conspirator who helped the shooter gain access to the Bar Noar. The shooter was allegedly avenging the rape of his brother. The crime was committed by Hagai who is not gay. It is his intent that determines it was a hate crime. Not the fact that 2 co conspirators who did not pull the trigger may’ve been gay.

      I imagine Benny told his brother he wasn’t gay for fear that Hagai WOULD kill him.

      1. Also, a way of denying his own homosexuality is to claim to have been raped and arrange for the alleged rapist to be murdered. Similar cases are not uncommon and have happened before. But here is where the hate crime problem appears:
        * Even in such cases, the murderer does not massacre a group of victims just for being gay.
        * Hate crime is more difficult to establish, the prosecution prefers to establish a personal motive. The victims will suffer because it will deny them possible support given to hate crime victims by the state.

  2. It all started from Shaul Ganon. He’s the one who started the entire mess: he had sex with a 15 year old boy, which led directly to the massacre – then he hid the information from the police after the killings, and now he wants protection.
    A serial rapist cannot be a state witness – this can’t work.
    Ganon is the primary target, and he cannot escape the trial.

  3. The crown witness has been captured.
    Sad as this hatecrime tragedy is, this ever thickening plot is turning farcical by the day.

  4. After much deliberation, I realized this crime was intended to be a quote quote regular crime – a personal vendetta etc. However, when the victims had nothing to do with the supposed motive it turned into a hate crime. It is when the alleged murderer “lost it” that the he went from personal to collective. The less the gay contributors did to actualize the murder, the stronger the argument for an absolute hsae crime stands. It is all about a pre-meditated murder going awfully wrong. It is not just about semantics. History shows that hate crimes can serve as catalyst and turning point in public awareness.. It feels like the gay community is more embraced than denounced and that is a shining light by itself.

    1. @Ari: Thanks, I think I can agree with everything you say here except your first sentence. The crime was a hate crime from the beginning. Hagai Felician wanted to kill Ganon because he was gay. If Binyamin had had sex with a girl would Hagai have wanted to kill her? Of course not.

      1. Dear Richard,

        I feel you defending another criminal (most likely) person, just because a victim was from a minor social group (homosexuals) and his rights is a priority against analysis of criminal, what serve as a background just. Such concept notes like “having sex”, “hate crime”, – can do lazy investigator. Of course it is useful for LGBT activist! I noticed that in many EU countries the “tolerance” objects are pushed forward ignoring any facts (even scientific) that must be studied before it.

        If there rises new evidences, both sides victim and shooter should be layered by presumption of innocence. There is a killer hetero-like. There is a victim homo-like. Is it just a ground for gay haters (tolerance object)?

        Of course, any crime is filled with hate. You said nothing new, Richard. The hate (in most cases) is stimulated by some facts or direct actions against your personal values, honor, surrounding area, family members. Knowing of something that hurts -> sorrow -> pain -> vendetta. Killing is one crime. Raping or “having sex” with (just) 15th year old boy is another crime with approach to pedophile.

        Why you using philosophic “having sex” instead of “raping”? The boy just 15th years old. And he made a complain. Not just proudly boasted of his sex moments, as basically boys do. So there is no space to speculate with “having sex”. And your homo-like PR won’t work this time. To separate cases into “killing” and “raping” is a must.

        I very well understand that divided two crimes is not useful for LGBT activist. LGBT marketing requires, to wash out any negatives, isn’t it?

        Please continue with your “hate crime” notes, Richard and you will prove that there are homophobes under rainbow flag too.


        Tolerant homophobe

        p.s. sorry for my english

        1. @homophobe: I would rather you write your comment in Hebrew (if that’s your native language) so I can understand it. I also find the nickname you chose to be offensive. If you comment here again choose another.

  5. Yes and no. If B. Had sex with a 45yo woman and then claimed she raped him, H. with his history of violent nature could have equally gone after her.Nevertheless, I contend that in order to have such a violent and aversive reaction as murder one mayhave a personal history of being a survivor of sexual attack himself. And because more often than not men attack boys more than women do, H. May have been attavked ny a man and this could have lead to an extreme homophobic act. I further contend that the fact that H. lost it indeed can hint that he operated on some PTSD reflex. He went AWOL the next day. Something deep may have been stirred up. I will not be surprised to find out that these siblings survived some sort of inappropriate behavior.

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