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  1. Excellent and comprehensive piece! So what is Burrow’s problem? He felt betrayed or he is just a lying narcissist?

  2. I would always assume that a source from an intelligence agency was lying most of the time, either on orders or just to see if the journalist would take the bait. I’m sorry you were made the Mossad’s catspaw, Mr. Silverstein.

    So Michael Burrows worked as “Rick” and his fake surname was “Ross.” Somebody is pulling somebody’s leg.

    1. Michael Burrows worked as “Rick” and his fake surname was “Ross.” Somebody is pulling somebody’s leg.

      I noticed that as well. Pretty funny if that was in Burrows’ mind when he created his mock identity. It also goes with the sexual exploitation motif!

  3. Sorry, that account is locked so unless you were a follower you can see the image in the tweet:

  4. I’ve had a look at his wikipedia page, and there’s elements of this which look like other, similar, frauds.

    This website is a good resource for any victims who find that they have been horribly deceived, either in the financial or social/sexual sense, by pathological liars just like this:


    I can guarantee that there will be victims, but that they will find it even harder to tell anyone about it than rape victims do. Pathological liars are the most sadistic of all psychopaths, and no-one goes to these kind of lengths if they are not a pathological liar.

    It’s not spinning a yarn, it’s creating and sustaining a completely false personality and history over a period of years. Contact with a similar personality cost me a lotl of money (culprit’s current address is Exeter Jail) but others have paid the price in other, more intimate, ways.

    In recent years, there have been at least five bogus MI5 or MI6 officers jailed in the UK: one of them, when challenged about his lack of credentials, managed to get the staff of a Cambridgeshire police station to help him prepare a false warrant card!

    Another managed to recruit a group of half a dozen ordinary citizens who lived with him “undercover” for a period of YEARS, even committing thefts and robberies to finance his “operation” after he managed to persuade them (none of them knew each other beforehand) that they were all on an IRA hitlist.

    They are not compelled to tell plausible lies: they are compelled to force victims to believe something so patently nonsensical that it’s soul-destroying to admit afterwards that they ever believed it. (Studies at the LSE to be a spy…) But while they were in contact with the pathological liar, they found it impossible not to. It is psychological violence. The reason victims believe the lies, is because the victim’s subconscious realizes that there will be serious and terrible violence if the bluff is called, so it pulls out all the stops to prevent the conscious mind calling the bluff. This is why some of the victims will only be able to admit they were deceived, AFTER the liar is locked up.

    I know of one victim of a pathological liar who confessed to murder rather than risk triggering the rage of the real killer, and pathological liar, Christopher Beales. It was only when Beales died, that his victim felt able to withdraw the confession (he may have convinced himself that he really did kill the deceased) and by that point, the Home Office wasn’t willing or able to understand. Persons “in Denial Of Murder” are never released, even when their normal life-sentence tariff is reached, so withdrawing the confession has done him the opposite of good. DOM might as well be doom as far as the Home Office is concerned.

    This isn’t just a prank, or a bit of vanity, or even an attempt to get money. This man will be a serious danger to those he manages to entrap, and that may include quite prominent people, even newspaper editors -and senior policemen are not immune to the effect. It’s not going to be very safe for Richard in the next few days, either.

    1. I went to high school with the “Michael Ross” in question in Victoria, BC and I was even in classes with him back in the late 70’s… I also saw him at our 30th HS reunion just a few yrs back… I therefore know his “real name” so I can definitively say that “no, he is not the same man as the one whose UK pics are at the end of the links above… different people… he still looks like an older version of his teen self… if he was always fascinated by one thing it was history and the military… we were in History 12 together and back then WWII, the Cold War etc etc were a part of that course outline… we had a great teacher… I got an A and Mike probably did too; I never asked, haha… and yes, he was Anglican back then, from a nice Anglo family… which is oh, so typical of laid back Victoria, BC….

      1. I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Burrows is his real name. In fact, he’s sent me an e mail using this name. Nor has he disputed that the image to which I linked from a BC Marathon is a picture of him.

        1. Hmmm… wow… you really believe that? … well, my pics from my fairly recent HS reunion say that the man in the pic from the marathon are one and the same… he is also the same “Mike” with whom I attended HS and with whom I was friends on FB and where I saw more pics – until one day he suddenly cancelled his FB page out of the blue… and his name in HS wasn’t Michael Ross Burrows… the 1st name is the same, but my HS yearbook’s pics say the last name is otherwise, and the same goes for the last name of the rest of his Victoria family… perhaps he changed it legally down the road… but seeing as you seem to have had some very “odd” dealings with him, why would you be surprised that Burrows isn’t his original family name… he probably wouldn’t want anything traced back to where he lives or to his extended family… and in order to verify his earlier life, you’d likely have to know his real name, no?… I do know that he is married with a 2nd family and his 1st family & 2 boys & ex from his 1st Israeli marriage are still back there… and I can probably make some very good educated guesses where he actually lives now etc – given what I gathered while we were friends on FB etc etc… but you can believe me or not… I’m reasonably astute, and reasonably geo-political, and I learned a lot about him while a FB friend who hadn’t seen him since HS… he could be very entertaining, funny and superficial… but his politics did get on my nerves at times… I am not here to defend him… but I also don’t doubt him when he says that he has/had some mental illness episodes, or issues at the very least in his past/ present… there’s no shame in that… what he did have, though, that was annoying, was certainly a need to feel important, superior, adored on FB… and lo and behold there was an endless line up of women chiming in whom he charmed… and charming he was… but he also behaved like an arrogant a-hole and a condescending SOB to otherwise nice, apolitical FB friends when a joke or reference went over their head… sadly, he seemed to enjoy that superior feeling a little too much… and his politics were too hawkish, but I’ve already said that… but who am I to say or judge….

          1. I can’t say much about what his name might’ve been when you were in high school. Nor did I know anything about any mental health issues he had. If you can produce any written record of any sort of him discussing this, I’d be very interested. But as you said, if he did have such a past it’s not very significant, except that the Mossad knowingly recruiting agents with such issues IS an interesting phenomenon.

            I’d be interested if privately you might be willing to share what you think his original family name was. But if not, no matter.

            I agree with you that he is an extremely arrogant, mean-spirited, even cruel person. In fact, if I didn’t know better I’d say he had a bit of the sadist in him. He clearly enjoyed savaging people verbally.

            All this was one of the reasons I was motivated to research & write these posts about him–aside from his professional past and his politics.

  5. “However, the Mossad too is damaged by such individuals. After all, it hired them. It in some way turned them into the person they are today. It nurtured some of the very same “skills” he uses today in his various subterfuges. Burrows’ confidence game, whether the Mossad understands this or not, reflects upon it and damages its reputation.”

    I don’t think Intelligence agencies care about their reputations outside of government circles…..I also don’t think things have changed much in HUMINT (i.e. “human Intelligence” or spies); they need people they can use and lose, so they will always be hiring slightly shady people who will become even shadier after the organization trains them. Mossad hired Burrows because they needed a European/American-looking guy for a job; they dropped him because he lied too much.

    It should be said that what happened with “Rick Ross” has happened time and again. Take his book, for example; in 2001 a man calling himself Tom Carew wrote a book called “Jihad! The Secret War in Afghanistan” claiming to be the memoirs of an SAS soldier during the Soviet-mujaheddin war. Not a word of truth; “Tom Carew” was really Phillip Sessarego, an ex-Royal Artilleryman who failed joining the Special Air Service twice. If Burrows is lucky he might avoid Sessarego’s fate, being found dead in a Belgian garage/either a suicide or murdered by former or serving SAS men to “settle scores.”

  6. “Ross” is an imposter. But why is it so important? What’s the big deal? Is “Ross” the only Zionist imposter? What about Netanyahu?

  7. If you don’t post this and delete my earlier posts I’ll send you a pic of him from our Mt Doug yearbook that shows his name & a pic from the reunion so that you can see that it’s him… I’ll need an email address… Lord only knows what is going on here & with him, maybe you can enlighten me in private too… this truly is too bizarre for words… I know nothing of this twitter business or these women and what happened with them… I came across your blog by accident doing some personal research on the Somalia Affair – the 1993 military scandal and the Canadian Airborne Regiment… somewhere, perhaps erroneously, I recalled that Mike was in that regiment practically out of HS, so, afterwards, out of curiosity, I ended up googling what I considered was his pen name “Ross” to see what he had written for the Post of late etc… and I came upon you… anyway, to me this is all rather like a sick & twisted new chapter in his life… he didn’t seem to have a tawdry relationship with his ex & teenage sons just 3-4 yrs ago… but I guess everything can change on a dime… I was well aware of his having a 2nd/new wife while we were FB friends, though she wasn’t at the HS reunion… everyone who knew his 2nd wife referred to her as a “rock star” on FB and she WAS gorgeous… I saw pics… I lost track of him after he suddenly closed his FB account… I have an old email address somewhere which I used a couple of times a long time ago… there was never any malice in our friendship, acquaintance more likely… and actually, the mental health issues were said to be in the range of depression, PTSD… after his self-described yrs of Mossad work abroad… not before… they WOULD be entirely plausible in anyone with any long term military/ intelligence/ field work tenure as he says he has had in his book… I did read his book and that is where he admits these conditions/ mental health issues, if I am not mistaken… it’s all apparently post Mossad work… and it would also apply to individuals whose relationships break down… that is just a human frailty to which we are all potentially vulnerable… in any event, his 2nd wife, to whom he dedicated much, has apparently been his rock and way back to health… if I recall correctly… I read it yrs ago… and we had some in-box conversations on FB too… he found enormous comfort in the companionship of his dog – which is very healthy for anyone recovering from any kind of breakdown or trauma… if we are to believe any of the book or his bio, be it due to the strains of the type of work he had with the Mossad, or a poor marriage or a combination or other factors, it is their story alone… I believe in the book he explains some of this as well… anyway, if you want the pics with the name… just delete all this please and send me an email address… I only wish that I could understand what on earth is going on here….

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