11 thoughts on “Obama Reins in War on Terror, Drone Warfare – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. More rhetoric from the current criminal who oversees the world’s biggest terrorist organisation.

    I don’t feel the need to provide data in support of my claim, given the authenticated data readily available on the net e.g Google Dr Gideon Polya’s website, to show that more than 4 million civilians have been directly & indirectly slaughtered/murdered by the Great Satan in the two Iraq wars alone.

    Add to that the 3 million civilians slaughtered in Vietnam, and you forgive my cynicism at anything these DC criminals & their MIC/AIPAC boosters claim.

    1. You are free to be cynical, which I think is wise. You are also free to turn a blind eye to the prospect of incremental progress, which I think is foolish.

      But yes — imperialism usually overcomes any political obstacles thrown at it; it seems to say, “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam”. However, that does not mean we should stop trying to curb it.

  2. If one would only listen to Obama, he seems a wonderfull progressive president. When you look at his record as president, you could say he is a right-wing hawk. Specialy last two scandal with wiretaping AP and overlooking emails on Fox reporter, the drone strikes killing american citizens and list goes on and on. Imagine what an outrage there would be if this happend in Bush time?!

      1. You missed my point totaly. If this AP and Fox scandal happend under the George W. Bush, mainstream media would be all over the place, specialy liberal part. Not like now when Obama use to get a freeride from them. Till recently. Roger Ailes is of course outraged he is head of the game on Fox?!

        1. @Brane:

          If this AP and Fox scandal happend under the George W. Bush, mainstream media would be all over the place, specialy liberal part. Not like now when Obama use to get a freeride

          Do you read the newspaper? Did you read Obama’s speech? DO you understand the firestorm in the media that caused Obama to make the molllifying statement he did make about press freedom? Don’t be ridiculous. The media has been all over this story. No one has given Obama a free ride.

          In fact, I just heard a rumor today that I can’t verify, that Eric Holder may be intending to resign. It wouldn’t’ surprise me.

          1. you didn´t add two important words from my quote: Till recently. It is true that media went after Obama on AP, but before that scandal, there was no reporting on drone strikes, killing of american citizens with drones, signature strikes, socalled “double tap” strikes on first responders….

          2. @Brane: This is a patently false, ridiculous claim. There was wide coverage of all these issues. Either you don’t read the U.S. media or you do and you’re arguing in bad faith. I know this because not only have I attacked drone warfare for a long time, but I’ve followed all the other media coverage that has.

  3. So if i’m a guy planning on killing some civilians and soldiers for any reason (lets say, just for the sake of the argument – a muslim who wants to see Shria law imposed in a certain country. All theoratically of course) – and i dont to be killed by the US army – all i have to do is kidnap a kid, say i have civilians with me – and bye bye drones.

    Yep, that will make America safer no doubt.

    1. @Unknown: Judging by the quality of your comment, I’d say you don’t have enough intelligence to bring it off. So I wouldn’t worry about creating hypothetical scenarios that have about as much likelihood of happening as me inheriting Sheldon Adelson’s gambling empire.

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