10 thoughts on “Bennett Appoints Settler Extremist Rabbi as Chief of “Jewish Identity Administration” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. I had no idea he had written so intensively on this matter. Wow! You don’t find this in the standard biographies: What else is new?

    2. Einstein said something else, in 1975. He (and other people) said Zionism is Racism. It became a United Nations proclamation. But oh, I forgot, Israel pays no attention to the United Nations. Also, Mr. Bennett is recognized in the world outside Israel for what he is, a radical right-wing ultra-nationalist Jewish-supremacist.

  1. “Rabbi Ronitsky: Collective punishment against residents of Anabta in revenge for Itamar terror attack”
    Not only collective punishment but against a village that had absolutely nothing to do with the Itamar killings. The killers came from Awarta, a neighbouring village (Anabta is somewhere else in the Northern West Bank) and the residents of Awarta have been collectively punished: houses were torn apart, windows and furniture broken, many inhabitants were beaten up, and the village was put under curfew.

    1. @Deir Yassin: This one’s my fault I’m afraid. The good rabbi did indeed single out Awarta for his “blessing.” And not Anabta as I wrote. My apologies. Sloppy editing on my part.

      1. No problem. I thought he might not even know the name of the village next door 🙂 And I read that Rabbi Ronsky was ‘fired’ by Barak for handling out leaflets during Cast Lead with quotations from the Torah about war.

  2. “Jewish Identity Administration,” huh? Well, maybe they will more success with this matter than the myriad of novelists, activists, politicians, including Michael Lerner, Marc Ellis and Gilad Atzmon in this regard. Nobody seems to be able to speak unambiguously about the Jewish ethnicity, religion, nationality, or club, “shared values” or whatever. And yet so many think they still “know” the stuff that makes a Jew Jewish. But even this mystery formula appears essentialist, that there must be some (indescribable?) essential character to being Jewish which is pretty unsavory National Socialist thinking, but this is where I find most Jews identifying themselves as Jews.

  3. Richard is probably right that this new office will pursue the sharp practices of racism. Certainly, no administration is going to try to address “Jewishness” as an identity question for political purposes without stepping on somebody’s special notions on this matter. While this is a critical matter for Israel — political rights are at stake — it is not about to address it forthrightly. After all, ambiguity has served the state well.

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