9 thoughts on “Corrupt Politics, Israel-Style – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Funny…. I commented on this very thing recently to you about politics in general. This post helps prove my point. ANY one in politics can fall prey to the temptation of corruption. To be involved in it makes brings one in contact with the possiblity at any numerous points on the campaign trail and even after one is in office. NOT that it happens to everyone in politics, but it is a part of the political life.

    “But I still maintain that if you define the “left” properly, there is little or no corruption on the Israeli left. I simply can’t imagine anyone from Meretz or Hadash or Balad engaging in such corrupt backroom deals. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t happen were they in power. But I’d like to think it would be far less likely.”

    This holds very little water, I’m afraid to say. I can very easily imagine ANY politician from ANY party falling prey to corrupt backroom deals… what the hell is proper “left”?? Maybe you simply mean “honest”- which is NOT necessarily “left”.

    If you think for a moment that just because someone is associated with a political group (Meretz, Hadash or whatever), that “carte blanche” means they are less likely to be involved in corruption, then I’d say you are very naive… and I know you are not. It’s individuals who we should be looking to trust… not political parties.

    It would be pretty fair to say that in ANY political party there are good people whom it would be very difficult (maybe impossible??) to corrupt, but you can’t whitewash any one party either way. There are people in Likud whom I sure may be as stalwart and honest as individuals in Labor or Meretz…. just as there are no doubt corrupt and greedy individuals in those same parties Just like we’d like to think that any “religious person” is immune to all sorts of terrible things…. but just because they are (even Rabbis, Priests, or Immams) they can still be susceptable to wrong doings.

    Also, your title is wrong…this isnt’ only an Israeli-Style I’m sure many countries share this “style” of corruption and worse. Dont’ try and pin this as exclusively Israeli.

    I repeat what I said… politics is a dirty game.

    1. @DavidL: Not “anyone” involved in politics can be corrupt. Certain politicians are incorruptible. Mostly those politicians are on the left. Though there are plenty of centrist & right wing politicians who are incorruptible. I think corruption is a temptation for those who wield great power that is unchecked or unaccountable. Peretz as chief of Histadrut, which is one of the most corrupt Israeli institutions, could certainly be corrupt. But again, he’s not a left wing politician. He’s a centrist & opportunist more than anything else.

      Can you name a truly left wing Israeli politician who is or was corrupt? I don’t mean centrist politician which right wing Israelis mistakenly call left wing. I mean a politician of one of the left wing parties. I can’t think of one. If you can’t either then it matter very little that you can “imagine” a left wing politician being corrupt. I’m talking about real proof.

      I made clear in the post why I believe that Israel, among western “democracies” is far more corrupt. So no, I don’t believe the argument–well, of course Israel is corrupt, but so is everyone else. That may comfort you but it doesn’t me.

  2. “Can you name a truly left wing Israeli politician who is or was corrupt?”

    This is nonsense. Power breeds corruption. When is the last time someone you would consider really on the left wing was in a position of power in Israel. The opposition is always honest. The ones who have the power are the ones who get corrupted. If you need world examples of corrupt left wing leaders, I am sure you could, on your own, think of a few. Unless of course you are arguing that Israeli left wingers are somehow better than left wingers in other countries.

  3. It must be that Israeli left wingers are better than left wingers elsewhere….the chosen people and all.
    What do you consider left wing in Israel?

  4. I am OK with you describing all of Israeli left wingers as honest and incorruptible. After allthis is almost 50% of the population and at time it was more and may be again more than 50%. Very few countries could claim that half its politicians are that honest. I knew you would find something good about Israel.

    1. You’re on drugs! 50% of Israelis are left-wing if you include Tzipi Livni, Yair Lapid & Shimon Peres among them, & they AREN’T left-wing by any stretch of the imagination. Stop being ridiculous.

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