8 thoughts on “Israel Lobby Hagel Smear Continues – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This is what a big injection of zionist money does to American politicians’ minds. There is no doubt a big payoff waiting (possibly a check stashed in Sheldon Adelson’s desk drawer) for the GOP’er who hits a home run and knocks Hagel out of the running for Defense Secretary.

    How much more ridiculous and unseemly will it get before the US public takes notice?

  2. The purpose of a stock market listing is to raise funds.
    There is usually no bar on whether or not foreign entities, individuals, pension funds, banks etc, can buy shares.

    So practically every one of those 25 Senators will have had “contact” with corporations receiving foreign funds, as will any US Citizen with a pension, shares or a job with any employer listed on the stock exchange. Or, indeed, any citizen of any western country with a non-state pension, shares or a job with a stock exchange-listed company.

    It’s actually extremely difficult to do a useful job in any western economy without having some contract with foreign funding, though employment as an elected politician would isolate a person from this and most other realities.

    I usually adopt the strict mental discipline of referring to heads of state, ministers and other potenates as “the customer of-” so that I approach Arab Sheiks and Chinese Communist Party Officials alike in the proper frame of mind.

  3. I predict this whole string of smears will collapse when it is discovered the group is actually called ‘Friends of Hummus” & was mainly funded by Sabra Hummus.

  4. Is there any truth to the rumor that the Israeli branch of the John Birch Society has funded campaigns of Mr. Hagel? If true, the committee certainly should investigate this possibility!

  5. You predicted Hagel wouldn’t be nominated by Obama. He was.
    All this nonsense will similarly amount to nothing.
    Hagel will be confirmed.

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