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  1. Dear Richard,

    I feel bad since for two bothering reasons I am unable to financially support your site, a great site that I visit everyday.

    All my life I was an idealist who was seeking true justice for all. When I was a naive teenager, under the influence of a small Iranian leftist group, I got fascinated with the idea of Kibbutzim where egalitarianism is the paramount norm of a heart-warming cooperative existence. I woke up from that dream after reading one of Edward Saeed’s books. The sweet dream morphed to a painful duress when I realized my idol communities were built on the lands of the people who were forcefully driven out of their homes.

    I remember at that time Kafka’s thoughts could easily seep deep inside the untouched corners of my young mind.

    Yet, over the many decades and after so many long mental journeys, I haven’t totally surrendered to the dark pessimistic world-views. Among many optimistic endeavors I still feel a sense of subtle delight when I encounter persons of uncompromising honesty such as Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Hilary Mann Leverette and dozens of other men/women of high integrity— regardless of the fact that I believe no human is capable of being absolutely objective.

    Richard, you too, you are one of those whom I cordially respect and revere. I am sure I am not alone, you must have many other invisible admirers. Please keep up the good work— I sense the colossal powers of history are on your side — and that, if we are right, is no small matter.

    I’ll keep on promoting your site — and wish you and your family all the best.

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