11 thoughts on “Neyestani on Bibi and Ahmadinejad, Moral Cretins – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Oyez, tremendously well done and thought out. A few people are missing, there. From our side – Mr. Barak. Mr. Ayalon, Mr. Ishai, Mr. Yosef, Mz. Tirosh, Mr. Lieberman, Mz. Hotoveli, Mz. Regev, Mz…. Oh, the heck with it – most of the Knesset and the government. From their side – Mr. Khamenai, Mr… wait – a waste of time. Simplifying – most of OUR executive and legislative branches and most of THEIR executive and legislative branches are… ummmm… morally and mentally challenged.

  2. Please don’t get angry, but I don’t think your caption translation matches the one on the cartoon.

    I believe it is simply “Conflict -Charts” – nothing about “Lower life forms” and such.

      1. I don’t get the cartoon but I do get that you accept hasbarats like Bob Mann (and many others) but you censor me. Why is that?

        1. Because you wrote a comment that I found ignorant and offensive. I do the same for comments from the far-left or far-right. Bob Mann doesn’t get a free ride here nor will you if you continue posting such comments.

          My comment rules specify what approaches are acceptable and which ones aren’t.

  3. Richard,
    Have you taken a vacation lately?

    You SHOULD! Your fuse seems to be getting shorter and shorter each week.

    So Bob Mann didn’t get it. Is THAT any reason to blow him off?

    1. You missed Bob’s nattering repetitive colloquy about my so-called translation deficiencies concerning a Mysh cartoon.

      Further, I don’t recall asking you for any editorial advice. Keep your comments substantive & dealing with the post itself. Anything else is off-topic.

      1. My sincere apologies. I do not think you have any translation deficiencies. I just thought it was strange that the caption provided on Mysh’s site and the one you provided here were slightly (but possibly significantly) different. Also, it is difficult to tell when the caption provided is your original one (as in this case, apparently) and when it is meant to be the cartoonist’s (as in the case of Mysh). I genuinely do not understand why you have chosen to insult me in various ways (dense, nattering, etc.) for attempting (respectfully) to clarify confusion. In the past, you have credited me for bringing small errors to your attention, so I don’t get the recent name-calling.

        I think this is a wonderful cartoon and continue to support the important work you have been doing on this site. I am no “hasbarist” and I completely oppose any war with Iran. I find Netanyahu to be ridiculous and this bit at the UN with the bomb drawing to be a perfect illustration of same.

        1. The repetitive arguments about the meanings of words, phrases in translation takes a toll on me especially since a few of your “brethren” joined you in this regarding Mysh. Then I thought we were going to get into it again regarding the Iranian cartoon.

          I apologize if my criticism was overbearing.

  4. How refreshing to see Ahmadinejhad not being portrayed as some sort of sage or voice of wisdom, which I see on Facebook all the time and it totally irritates me. Of course we already know they’re moral cretins, both of them, but because A’jad is Bibi’s nemesis, some people think he’s a cool guy. Pfffft.

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