9 thoughts on “Happy New Year – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Happy New Year, Richard! I’m a Leonard Cohen fan, too.

    “You who build these altars now
    To sacrifice these children,
    You must not do it anymore.”

    “When it all comes down to dust
    I will help you if I must,
    I will kill you if I can.
    And mercy on our uniform,
    Man of peace or man of war,
    The peacock spreads his fan.”
    ~Leonard Cohen, the Story of Isaac

  2. Thanks Richard! From Israel I send you my best wishes for the New Year. Keeping faith in a good future is the best we can. I hope it will be a good year. Keep your good work, your exposing blog posts coming. Shana tova umetuka!

    1. something is fishy w/ site. don’t know if it makes a difference but I made the ‘georgewashington’ post above. But I only used the ‘georgewashington’ name when I posted a (deleted) post to the “Israel Rules” hack.

  3. Richard, your site was hacked again. When one approaches it, the certificate is said to be expired and the site on an “unsafe” list with option to proceed at caution.

    1. Send me the exact wording of the message you get. I think this is possibly an issue with your browser. But if you give me the exact wording plus which browser you’re using, I can pass it along to my site host. I was NOT hacked.

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