7 thoughts on “Barak Concedes Iran’s Leaders “Have Not Yet Ordered Nuclear Weapon” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Is there actually anything wrong having different standards for your friends (Japan) and your enemies (Iran)?
    It’s all a matter of whom you trust, and I for one trust Japan today more than Iran.

    1. Yes, but just as imperial Japan which made war on the Allies during WWII became the Japan of today, so the Iran of the ayatollahs can turn into a different country. Do we have to blow Iran to Kingdom Come for that to happen? Will doing so make it less likely that this can happen?

      1. Well Japan had to be bombed before it became what has become today…

        (don’t take that to mean I’m in favour of attacking Iran, just said for the point of the argument)

      1. That’s exactly my point, Mary, if you trust you make your standards more lenient.

        I would be petrified if Hamas got the bomb, you maybe not

        1. I don’t want anybody to have the bomb, least of all Israel. As for Hamas… I find them to be more trustworthy than Israel.

  2. Another reason gov’t officials “not authorized to discuss intelligence information” demand anonymity would be that unofficially they have precisely this authorisation but the gov’t, for any reason, doesn’t want to be connected with the leaking of said information – a kind of plausible deniability if you will. Why do you think none of this sort of leakers is been prosecuted, despite the “war on whistleblowers” being in full swing in both Israel and the US? Now, what they leak may be anything from fairy tales to the naked truth; the question to ask is, in which way do the leakers and/or their governments profit from this?
    Long story short: sometimes gov’t officials really do work for their gov’t 😉

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