4 thoughts on “IDF Chief Goes Off Reservation: Israeli Home Front “Not Ready” for War, Iran Attack Will Have “Limited Effect” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Shortly before the Suez invasion, Lord Mountbatten expressed his gravest doubts about the mission. Senior cabinet members told him that he must obey orders, Mountbatten replied at as supreme commander in South East Asia he’d hanged hundreds of Japanese officers for doing that.

    As it happened, there was no large-scale loss of civilian life, but with the amount of firepower being mobilized it’s quite obvious why Mountbatten thought there might be.

    Britain and France had a legal grievance over the Canal, but there was no legal case for the scale of military action that was launched.

    Israel has a right to be worried about Iranian nuclear programmes and more especially the threatening rhetoric which accompany this, but there’s no legal case for direct military attack on the basis of mights, maybes and rumours.
    Even in the Cuban Missile crisis, where obviously nuclear missiles suddenly appeared very close to American targets, the US didn’t commence with a military onslaught. There was a blockade and a hugely dangerous diplomatic confrontation, with potential for world war. But a instant military attack on Cuba would have guaranteed that world war.

    There isn’t the legal basis and the risks are too great.

  2. Not only the US, but Israel too has suffered “strategic disasters” its military leaders have to contend with if they are to dutifully and faithfully serve their country. This has opened a chasm between Netanyahu & co and the top leadership of the IDF regarding Iran. Not only would they have to manage what they already know is the mother of all losers, they also know they would be made the scapegoats for its failure. Whether Netanyahu means it or is bluffing apparently matters little to the top military & intelligence chiefs of the IDF, who are willing to break protocol and ranks with the political leadership.

  3. Of course attacking is a bluff to get the western governments to impose harsher sanctions on iran. The funny thing is, in order to perform a proper bluff you need to be convincing and it looks like they are scaring there own people (even there military who know they cant do it), too bad our dumb as dirt western leaders dont realize that the Israeli political politicians are also bluffing.

  4. It is time for the US to act according to the reality that Israel offers no strategic, military or economic advantage to the US. In fact, Israel is naught put an economic parasite ($100+ Billion in direct aid so far and many times this in soft aid), a political liability, are morally bankrupt and are, by far, the most destabilizing entity in the Middle East with their hundreds of hidden, unregulated first strike nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, launch systems and have a political system founded on oppression and racism.

    Israel overtly threatens everyone around them and has engaged in assassination, provocation and continual war for decade upon decade…including the Palestinians who reside in their own land. It is a nation built on theft, oppression and fear.

    They have nothing to offer us and we should be building friendships elsewhere and working for real peace, or at least détente in the Middle East.

    The US is nothing more than an enabler in their crimes and our support only increases the danger of disaster. It is long past time we look after ourselves rather than being jerked around by madmen.

    Cut them loose now completely and let them commit suicide if they wish.

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