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    1. It’s because the perp was a used furniture salesman from Philadelphia who has been called messianic and irrational by top Israelis.

  1. The problem isn’t who pulled the trigger. The problem is that whoever did it, doesn’t understand Israelis and what effect the bombing has had on Israelis.

    I am currently in Israel and I can tell you that while all Israel grieves for the loss of innocent life; life here goes on.

    Israelis here have grown accustomed to sudden, violent death, and have resilience that their enemies have totally failed to comprehend.

      1. Sudden, violent death of Iranian citizens seems to come more at the hand of their government than from the hand of The Mossad.

        1. More libel from the same liars who “swear they’re telling the truth about Palestinians never existing” and being the “problem to peace”.

          If the Iranian government mistreats Iranians, that is Iranian business. Mind your own business.

        2. This is precisely the sort of dumbass, snarky, lying comment which got you moderated in the first place. So you’ll stay moderated & those comments which are substantive and factual will be published. Crap like this…unlikely.

          Shall we compare the number of Palestinians Israel murders on a regular basis? Or shall we compare the number of Palestinians in Israeli prisons to the number of political detainees in Iranian prisons?

          1. Israel and the Palestinians are in conflict over land. The Iranian people are in conflict with their government over political rights. A subtle difference.

          2. That’s a relatively empty distinction, isn’t it? Israelis & Palestinians are in conflict over land, political power, cultural identity, and virtually everything else. Not just land.

            Attempting to argue that there is a split between the Iranian people & their government is a convenient argument offered by Israeli intelligence. But it’s not reality. Iran’s government reflects the will of the people about as well as most Middle East governments including Israel’s. It’s imperfect for sure as are most in the region.

          3. Forgive me if this sounds impertinent but just in Jan 2011, Iran executed 86 people. In June they executed 5 members of an Arab minority tribe. Three people were executed for crimes committed when they were under 18. Iran executed over 365 people last year making them second only to China. People in Iran get executed for, among other things, being gay or for perceived political offenses…

            Read all about it at Amnesty International: http://www.iranrights.org/english/attachments/doc_3856.pdf (PDF)

            Oh and today is the International Day in Support of Political Prisoners in Iran.

          4. Not only impertinent, but off topic. We can hold entire seminars on the relative amounts of oppression & violence used by Israel compared to Iran in suppressing ethnic protest & identity. But that’s not what I choose to do here. When I do I’ll let you know and you can weigh in. If you post off topic again you may be moderated.

            BTW I no more support capital punishment than I support state supported terror of the sort Israel uses, including targeted executions of those who aren’t even accorded a jury or judge. Which is worse? Oh I don’t know, I suppose they’re each pretty awful.

          5. Pea; What does this information have to do with the bombing in Bulgaria.
            No one is claiming that Iran is a model state or government. Your comment
            wasn’t impertinent, it is simply irrelevant.

          6. Dave Terry: I was responding to RS’s mentioning of political detainees in Iran vs. Israel. I daresay that Iranian political prisoners would gladly trade places with the Palestinians. I didn’t bring up this side topic.

          7. Stop being ignorant & talking on behalf of victims whose lives you don’t even begin to comprehend whether Iranian or Palestinian. The feeble attempt to compare the relative ease of Iranian to Israeli prisons is downright offensive.

          8. Not presumptuous at all. I know you well enough to know you’ve never been either an Iranian or Palestinians prisoner. You certainly know or care nothing about the suffering endured by Palestinian prisoners. If you do, I’d like you to recount that knowledge for us.

          9. That’s ridiculous. You’ve never been a Palestinian or Iranian prisoner either. You’ve never been a lot of things but you can still have an informed opinion about them and I never begrudge you that privilege. As far as Palestinian prisoners go, I had dinner with one recently who spent over a decade in an Israeli prison for a security related offense. Like I said, you don’t know me – and my privacy is something I cherish. That having been said, I try to back up my assertions with facts. No need to attack me Richard. Attack my facts. For instance, my recent dinner is irrelevant. What’s relevant is the Amnesty report I linked to which bolsters my assertion that Iranian political prisoners would only be too happy to trade places with Palestinian prisoners. If that assertion is offensive, tell me why. I’m open to learning new things.

          10. The Amnesty Report doesn’t “bolster” yr claim. It is wholly irrelevant to your claim. Frankly, I don’t believe you had dinner with anyone of the sort you claim. If you did either tell us his name or send it to me privately. I will find out if your dinner guest is who you claim he is. Personally, I think you’re full of hot air.

          1. Joel — I see your remark about the resilient Israelis as another bid for exceptionalism by Zionists and Israelis. Israelis are no more resilient than any other people in tough circumstances. (Indeed: If resiliency is bred from oppression and terrorism, one might expect Palestinians to be the most resilient. Israel has been lording over unarmed or poorly armed civilians for many decades now using a large, well-equipped army and air force, partly funded by the US. After decades, such Israelis may become brutal and indifferent to others but not resilient about their own, as you would heroically have us believe. If anything can be generalized, it is that Israelis do not bear losses very well at all.)

          2. Joel — the “conflict over land” is a political conflict: Who owns the land– the latter day imperialist European conquerors, Zionists, or the indigenous peoples? It is all political whether in Iran or Israel or the West Bank.

        3. joel, i love the way you type ‘sudden, violent death’ with such world weary conviction. it was even more chilling the second time. you really had me believing that ‘sudden, violent death’ is something you’re familiar with, on a personal level. could you type, ‘pray for peace, plan for war’? it reads so hollow when i type it, but i’ll bet with your gravel-fingered veritas you could bring that phrase to life.

  2. Al Qaeda must have been mad and needed a distraction from Kadima pulling out of the coalition. Al Qaeda must have also thought, hmmm, since Iran is accused for insane things like hiring used car salesman to then hire Mexican drug cartels to blow up Saudi officials on US soil, let’s blow up some Israelis on the anniversary of the Buenos Aires bombing.

    Al Qaeda, after all, is dying for more imperialism and war in their region.

  3. No, Richard Silverstein, it turns out you and your silly conspiracy theories were wrong. I have no love lost for Bibi, but am more than happy to see you exposed – once again – as nothing but a two-bit hack.

    BURGAS, Bulgaria — A senior American official confirmed Israel’s assertions on Thursday that the suicide bomber who killed five Israelis in an attack here on Wednesday was a member of a Hezbollah cell operating in Bulgaria.

    The official said the current American intelligence assessment is that the bomber was “acting under broad guidance” to hit Israeli targets when the opportunity presented itself. That guidance was given to Hezbollah, a Lebanese militant group, by its primary sponsor, Iran, he said.


    1. This must be a joke. You think people are going to believe the New York Times, the very same paper that is at the HEART of lying to get us into Iraq, over Iran?

      Keep holding your breath. 😉 Even the Shah knew exactly what the New York Times was, and he was second in the world to recognize Israel: youtube.com/watch?v=6kySR3fpa5s That was over 30 years ago and what he says is candid, as the interviewer (Wallace) calls it.

      1. Says the guy who even Deir Yassin has identified as an anti-Semite. I have nothing to say to you.

        1. First off, your smear is unwarranted and unfounded. If Deir Yassin said that, he is mistaken sorely. The race card isn’t yours to exploit endlessly. Give it up, the threat of being called an anti-Semite is laughable especially when you exploit the term as so.

          Second, stop scapegoating Judaism. It has nothing to do with the New York Times lying to get the US into Iraq.

          Finally, no one is surprised you have nothing to say.

          1. Sorry for the gender confusion. For the record, it’s all the same online ! 🙂

          2. Take another pill, RedPill; No one is scapegoating Judaism.
            The culprit is Zionist extremism.

          3. The constant references to anti-Semitism to excuse Zionist crimes is a scapegoating of Judaism.

        2. uh oh, here comes the fake “anti-Semite” label again to stifle speech! Do you people even know what a real anti-Semite is?

        3. Luckily for us, OperationRedPill’s comments are stored for perpetuity – and it turns out he’s not only a racist but a dimwit to boot:

          OperationRedPill July 15, 2012 at 10:52 AM

          Israel is basically communist and many other extremist Zionist influenced governments are slowly featuring centralized, inhumane bureaucracies.

          The act of setting oneself on fire is about as potent as protest can get. The morally depraved responses are unsurprising. The beacon of democracy continues to show its fangs.

          1. Sounds true. That’s hardly the mark of anti-Semitism.

            Where is your counter-argument, Mark, or are you still on a witch hunt to nowhere?

          2. We ratify it 1000% If that is what would qualify us as an anti-Semite to you, Mark. THEN WE ARE ANTI-SEMITES! That said, we love Jews 🙂

            Mark, until you can prove that the New York Times should be trusted after they lied to get us into Iraq (one under the Neocon (read: Zionist) plan to benefit Israel, then regardless of if we are anti-Semitic or not, you are still making a laughable and impeachable point.

            Sucks that an “anti-Semite” has more brains than you and you have to resort to insults. How superficial 🙂

          3. Because he makes valid points and arguments, and you are just a clown throwing off unjustified insults like Abe Foxman, attempting to assassinate his character in a very obvious and overused way.

            Do you even have a singular argument to prove him wrong other than your schoolyard antics?

          4. “Israel is basically communist.” I rest my case. And if that isn’t proof enough, you also need help.

          5. You obviously have enough to keep replying, but you use that time to write more smears that don’t prove anything but that Operation Red Pill makes points that are SO good they drive you crazy to the point of not even being able to rebut them! What a proud man you are in the face of such “scary anti-Semitism”!

            Oh well, so how does that make him anti-Semitic? You are brainless, Mark. Get a dictionary and stop crying wolf every time someone says something you don’t like to hear. The reality is not yours to censor. Make a counterargument because you sound like a little school girl snitching to the teacher, no offense.

          6. Mark might not understand English. “is basically Communist” does not engender a wholesale rapture of Communism. The intent of that statement was one of comparison. The other conclusions drawn were generalizations, which as one reads, were later batted down.

            But here on your false witch hunt crusade, let us challenge you again, “Mark”:
            Do Palestinians not count as humans? They are within Israel’s borders and subject to complete economic controls and limitation of their movements via checkpoints like tagged cattle. Oh, but you don’t consider them “Israelis”.

            The words, they seem to be clay in your hands and your hands only. Guess what? NO.

          7. Boy are you dense. You talked about “proving him wrong”, so I brought a quote to show that he’s a fool and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, regardless of his racism. It really isn’t that difficult to understand.

          8. Now you’ve abandoned the anti Semitism claim & moved to calling him “racist” & a fool who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The same can be said for yr claim of anti Semitism. I’d say Red Pill’s statements are at times about as extreme as yours only in the opposite direction. And when he strays from truth or balance commenters like Deir Yassin take him to account. Just as numerous commenters here are doing to you. In a way, you’re 2 peas in a pod.

            But if I had my choice I’d take Red Pill because his heart’s in the right place even if he takes things to extremes.

          9. No, it’s actually you that is dumb and fails to realize his point that the Palestinians are within Israel’s borders and, therefore, become characteristic of whatever government Israel truly has, not what Israel maintains it has “a democracy” (tell that to the poor man who lit himself on fire). So, if Israel does what it does to Palestinians for 63 years, there is no way it can be a democracy, and what it does to Palestinians is act like an inhumane, centralized, militaristic authoritarian entity to them. The land is taken from them and redistributed to make settlements where people live on welfare taxpayer dollars funneled from the US, even being exempt from military conscription in part.

            Name one geography where communism played itself out as written. Operation Red Pill makes the point that most -isms are shams and ponzi schemes. For instance, in reality, Communist oligarchy exempt themselves from the rules of Communism.

            Your hangup is transparent: he stated that the New York Times is one of the least credible publications due to its main role in the lead up to Iraq (a false, unjustified invasion), and you can only cry about it.

          10. Mark Kerpin: you are the anti-Semite, in fact, by exploiting the term to the point of it meaning nothing.

          11. Sorry, his point fails, as does your attempt to explain. Whatever Israel is, it’s not a communist country. I dare you to find me one reliable source that makes such a claim (and this doesn’t include Stormfront – where the claim that Israel is communist is made most often; use Google if you don’t believe me).
            As for the NYT, it’s just as relevant as any other of the mass media sources Richard quotes here. If you have information showing that they’ve misquoted the American official or any other information proving the story wrong, please share.

          12. Deir Yassin has already taken Red Pill to task for the “Communist” comment. We’re not going over the same ground. I don’t allow repeated airings of the same comment or issue. It’s been discussed. Now drop it.

            I’ve noted here many times serious problems with NYT reporting of Israel-related matters. IT’s a source that deserves to be taken lightly unless its claims can be independently verified.

          13. Now you’ve just insulted a 2nd commenter here. That’s your 2nd comment rule violation. Looking for 3 strikes?

            Red Pill’s comment as quoted above is hostile, extreme & ill-informed (the “Communist” part) toward Zionism, but it is not anti-Semitic. You don’t know shit from shinola if you claim it is.

          14. Israel is not above the question of Communism. One is allowed to question whether Israel is communist and then render arguments to that effect. Others are welcome to rebut. No one, who is civilized, should render an insult.

            We claim Israel is BASICALLY Communist. We have provided ample argument to support that and only received insult and outcry without legitimate counterargument. An intellectual discourse would suffice to change our position.

            We don’t believe our view is ill informed insofar as Israel has a 90 year old Communist party while only being a 63 year old country. Nearly all of the communes are affiliated with Marxist parties espousing socialist ideals that could only be implemented through communism. But let’s not call it that. Let’s be “nice”. Let’s call it, Zionism.

            Because Zionism says who you can get married to, whether you are a citizen of the state, whether you can use the courts, what your driver’s license says, whether you have to stop at checkpoints, and whether you are treated as a subclass under a big military machine.

            Or you know, let’s just call it SHITism because the human beings in Israel (Jews, of course!) included don’t need governments of any form lording over them. But insofar as insulting the messenger goes, everyone has proven they can sling discrediting words while the argument yet stands strong and unchallenged.

          15. This is truly ludicrous. THose “communes” you reference are kibbutzim which long ago stopped being affiliated with the socialist movement. BTW that socialist movement was largely anti-Communist, not that it should matter much to your sense of precision about historical references.

            I thought perhaps you were going to argue something slightly interesting like comparing the command & control Communist economy to Israel’s oligarchal capitalism. But you’re not even doing that. You’re simply at sea & way over your head.

        4. @ Mark
          Don’t manipulate my comment to state your point. I didn’t say ORP is an anti-semite, I said one of his statements seemed so. You see the difference ?
          And don’t use my statement as an argument. You are aware that an accusation of anti-semitism isn’t an argument ? And it has absolutely no relevance in a debate on NYT !
          By the way, does that mean that you give any particular credit to my opinion ? Also the one I have about Israel ?

          1. My point was not to debate him or make an argument, but rather to avoid debate and briefly explain why – there are some people I don’t wish to engage. Anti-Semites, like racists in general, would fall under the category. My prerogative, though I hope others would feel the same.
            I thought your comments in this case were accurate, as they may be in other cases; it doesn’t mean we agree on everything.

          2. My point was not to debate him…but rather to avoid debate

            I think your point was to engage in demagoguery & provoke trollish debate. You’re little more than a provocateur & can’t be taken seriously.

            it doesn’t mean we agree on everything.

            You don’t agree on ANYTHING, including on Red Pill. She’s made clear that she finds him extreme & annoying (sorry for presuming to characterize your views on this DY). But imferring that she shares your claim that he’s anti Semitic is ridiculous.

          3. Thanks, Deir. We apologize if our comments were insensitive. We are not interested in creating mythology or perpetuating a libel. Our aim is true. We do not want Israel to become a centralized, inhumane bureaucracy and disagree with regards to the semantics engendered to disassociate the form of government in the country from bearing any responsibility over the Palestinians it possesses in its borders. When asking what kind of a government is Israel, please remember to include the Palestinians it has lorded over for the last 63 years. This is subject to debate and we welcome the insights of others at all times.


          4. Also, let’s just suffice it to say we have NO CLUE what is the latest trend on Stormfront and such as mentioned by these other goons. In fact, we just figured out what Stormfront was and haven’t seen this many Nazis since Wolfenstein 3D! O_O

    2. Gratuitous insults earn you immediate moderation. If they continue in subsequent comments in this thread you’ll lose yr privileges entirely.

      As for claims from an unnamed U.S. “official”…I think I’ll take my chances & wait till something more substantive comes along. The U.S. also claimed the IRG plotted to bomb the Saudi amabassador. That “suspect” hasn’t even been tried yet, let alone convicted. We don’t even know what the evidence is against him.

      If you want to level insults the next one gets you banned buster.

    3. Well, so after this whole nonsensical witch hunt, still waiting to know how we can possibly trust the New York Times after it was a main and major proponent of the unjustified and illegal Iraq invasion with immeasurable losses for us?

      Anyone surprised he turned into a chicken without a head based on a post from 4 blogs ago when he couldn’t answer the question? LOL Anyone else seeing a pattern in this playbook? Quotemeisters now…

  4. Hizbullah denies any role in the Bulgaria bombing:
    “We wouldn’t target tourists for revenge”
    Some speculate that the Bulgaria bus bombing that killed five Israelis was revenge for the death of a Hizbullah commander but Hizbullah said it does not consider tourists an equivalent target.
    (The Christian Science Monitor)
    PS. Contrary to the IDF, Hizbullah usually doesn’t lie about their doings.

  5. Only Israel has brains. Other countries indiscriminately hit below the belt lower than Al Qaeda.

    1. Israel is apparently the only place free of anti-Semitism. Mark has brilliantly identified all his opponents (and then some) as anti-Semites. And that is the end of reason, right there. Everybody, it appears, just hates Jews and this has no basis and is irrational, so why should Mark argue further? (Mark — If I suggest “transferring” the Jews of NYC to Israel, am I an anti-Semite or a Zionist? I will leave this is your capable hands.)

      1. Radical settler extremists like Baruch Marzel, Michael Ben Ari, Jack Teitel, etc. actually hate Jews to their left & seek to read them out of the Jewish people, if not kill them (Teitel & others). So they are technically anti-Semites as well. Meaning there may be anti-Semitism in Israel!!

  6. It is very revealing that the maniacs in charge of the planet view world peace as a problem to deal with rather than embrace. These are not normal and ethical individuals. War is a way of life for them, but these evil parasites do not actually participate in the killing and dying. They need war to stay in power, make trillions of dollars, and rule the people like sheep.

    “War is hell,” said General William Sherman. Modern war is more than just big business. Its damage on the human psyche and human soul has been systematic. And it has destroyed freedom and democracy in the West and in Iran….

    A third world war is the artificial creation of the crazy monsters who rule our world. The organized destruction of America, Israel, and Iran will create new opportunities for the shameless war profiteers, global arms manufacturers, big oil men, and international banksters to keep stealing. They are rotten, cruel, and insane thieves who deserve to be hung for their crimes against humanity.

  7. That isn’t a “fake” ID, it is a phony, “fake” ID. No one in his right mind would believe that a resident of Baton Rouge, La, could get a Michigan Driver’s License>

    1. Dave is very perceptive and noticed the glaring error. Now the follow-up, do you think that was put there “by accident” or for you to find? 😉

      1. No offense taken RedPill. It’s clearly is bogus. Hell, I’m driving around on an expired Oregon drivers license because, Ican’t find my birth certificate and they won’t let me renew my license without. So freak’n stupid. I’ve had a driver’s license for almost 55 years, I have a Veteran’s ID card and SS card, and I STILL have to prove I’m a citizen. How dumb can our government get?

        1. This is strange. You do not have to be a citizen to have a driver licence, ergo, you do not have to prove your citizenship for a driver licence, you do not even to show that you are from Earth.

          1. It is part of the “Real I.D” Act
            On March 4, 2011, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano extended to January 15, 2013 the deadline for states to be in full compliance with the Real ID.
            You must live in one of the 25 states that, as of, 03/27/2012 have not complied with the Fed. law. My state (Oregon) is one of the 25 states that HAVE complied. I was not aware that there were as many states no in compliance. So you are half right and I’m half right.
            Under the REAL ID state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards have to meet federal standards or they will not be accepted for federal purposes–boarding commercial aircraft, gain access to federal facilities or enter nuclear power plants.

  8. For the record, “Al Qaeda” wears matching blue cap, blue Adidas shirt, white and blue shorts, Adidas sneakers, and blue laptop case. Should have worn less colors on the Israeli flag. The lies with the tangents to Mehdi Ghezali have already been put away and now Bibi is stretching for Hezbollah after months of articles being published about how “Israel is ready for the next Hezbollah War” as if it were an epic, destined certainty. What heroes! Can you hear Wagner in the background? DESTROY THE AMALEK! DESTROY ! DESTROY! DESTROY! ELIMINATE!

    But the world knows Israel is a country of PEACE and wants NO CONFLICT. 😉 😉 😉 So, Hezbollah had to drag Israel into the conflict by the nose in this vile way. The Lebanese, they just sit around all day wondering how they can maraud around like turbaned pirates plundering Israeli lands. They are dogs. If they weren’t occupied for 20 years, who knows what would have grown instead of Hezbollah? Maybe a thriving Lebanon.

    1. There is no reason to think: 1- the person pictured in the license and the video are the same. The hair is different and only similar. The face is smudged/whited out. Of course the person who was most damaged by the bomb leaves behind pristine documentation on his one-way ride to death (who here is gullible? raise your hand!); 2- the person in the video was the suspect. Being proximate to the detonation does not per se make you a suspect and, additionally, there is nothing to suggest that he was nervous or hurried. Indeed, the tangents have already placed him in Gitmo falsely — AND THEY SAID THEY HAD FINGERPRINTS THAT MATCHED! This should be suspect enough.

  9. I doubt that comparing prisons is very useful because they are all loathsome and inhuman. It is a small matter whether one is a single iota more loathsome than another. It is like comparing deaths. It is sufficient to know — to know fully and completely — that the Iranian political bosses can have nothing on Israel in terms of cruelty and inhumanity overall.

  10. Oooook. You’re free not to believe me. It doesn’t matter at all. You think capital punishment administered to Iranian prisoners is irrelevant, and I think it is. We can leave it at that. Besides I wouldn’t want you wasting time checking up on my story when you can be spending it looking for Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails.

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