7 thoughts on “Brutalism, Style and Russian Oligarchs – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. i refer to these people as ‘fancy feast’, in reference to the cat food commercial in which a well-groomed persian cat is called to dinner by the ringing of a lead crystal cat food bowl. it thinks it’s something other than a cat, but it isn’t, and when ‘you’ believe that you have transcended your own species, that is recipe for pathology.

    1. For those who have everything, the only meaningful gesture is one that says nothing at all. That’s what high fashion is about: Nothing.

  2. Just a heads-up on an error in the article, Richard. You mistakenly claim that the oligarch’s money was ‘earned’ on the backs of Russia’s struggling peasantry. It was, in fact, stolen from them and was in no way earned.

    Russia still has a way to go though, to catch up with the Arab dictators when it comes to whole-sale theft of public resources.

    Saudi Arabia’s royal family will pass into legend as perpetrators of the biggest theft ever committed in human history. It’s worth noting as well, that their blood-soaked princes and princesses get similar attention from the obsequious fashion press whenever they step out of their gauche super cars bedecked in the crassest merchandise available.

    Ditto Little Abdullah of Jordan whose hateful Queen Consort Rania routinely poses for the western press and pontificates about her favourite holiday destinations while ‘her people’ (please…) are destitute. It’s okay though – she’s ever so pretty.

    It takes a thoroughly tacky woman to make Chanel look gaudy. She manages, though.

    1. good point, omar. ‘earning’ ‘on the backs of’ is an oxymoronic phrase in any event. not enough oligarchs have gotten the ‘khodorkovsky treatment’ in my opinion.

  3. I am not sure if “brutalism” entails pouting at paparazzi.

    By the way, can Uliana visit Israel? I read that posing to photographs is illegal there if your BMI is under 18.5.

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