11 thoughts on “Jewish Chronicle Editor Lies Regarding Publishing UK White Supremacist Blogger – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you for exposing this Richard. And thanks to Hugh Muir for the follow up.

    I agree with your analysis, and I think the Pollard MUST have known, but kept up the pretence of turning a blind eye so long as nobody noticed.

    I’ve noticed that anonymous far right Zionist bloggers are happy to espouse these BNP and EDL type fascists but do it anonymously. That is one thing, but quite another for something like the JC to do it, at least openly.

    the reason being they know that by allying with the far right, they will alienate and the mainstream society and turn it against Israel. This is probably why the Editor kept quiet. Also here is a soemthing that is somewhat related..

    Europe’s Islamophobes and Israel: The Right Alliance


  2. Stephen Pollard, probably knew that Carlos Cortiglia is on the record for expressing traitorous sentiment against Britian, which is probably another reason he kept quiet.

    Cortigla said:

    “I feel very connected emotionally to Argentina. In 1982 I volunteered to go to the Falkland Islands.”

    Pollard has some answering to do.

  3. Many websites say Carlos Cortiglia is not really this man’s real name. Does anyone know if thats right? Cortiglia and Richard Barnbrook whom the mass killer Anders Breivic called Richard the Lionheart were close associates of Breivic and I think they should all be arrested for abusing the election process. להיות חזקים, להילחם בחזרה

  4. More on why why Pollard probably knew, and is pretending otherwise. He writes for the Spectator too,

    As I said above, pro Israeli neo cons ignore antiemitism from the far right if they think it can be used to further the neo con agenda for Israel.

    Pollard had to apologise (in the Spectator) to Islam Expo for calling them “Islamofascist”. Incidentally, The Spectator had to fire another neo con, Melanie Philips for holding similar views.

    He has also tried to defend the Polish MEP Michal Kaminski from charges of anti semitism on the grounds that he is pro Israel as Baruch Trotsky wrote below.

    Thus his leanings as a neo con who courts the far right so long as they bash Islam and are pro Israel, have been established.

    Try as he may to hide it, as someone else said the lipstick doesn’t cover the pig.


    Islam Expo: Apology
    28 August 2010
    Stephen Pollard and the Spectator apologise for the unintended and false suggestion in a blog published on 15 July 2008 that Islam Expo Limited is a fascist party dedicated to genocide which organised a conference with a racist and genocidal programme. We accept that Islam Expo’s purpose is to provide a neutral and broad-based platform for debate on issues relating to Muslims and Islam.

    Stephen Pollard’s Strange View of Antisemitism
    by Baruch Trotsky 10 August, 2009
    Or, perhaps, is he implicitly arguing that being pro-Israeli is now a litmust test for being a philo-Semite, rather than an anti-Semite? If so, he is treading down a dangerous path. Critics of Israel are often accused of blurring the line between Israelis and Jews, of conflating Zionism and Judaism, but, as I have often argued, it is Israel’s supporters across the world who often do so – and do so in such a brazen and shameless manner.

  5. Apologies, here is the Baruch Trotsky link,

    and now for some lighthearted fun, anybody who wants a laugh should read this 🙂

    Richard I bet you couldn’t better Cohen on this LOL

    Stephen Pollard – Uncircumcised
    by Geoffrey Cohen
    1 July, 2011

    The coverage, however, proved to reveal more about the JC’s editor than about the activist in question. In an emergency meeting of the Hampstead Freud society, Jewish psychoanalysts pronounced the JC’s coverage a clear example of transference and circumcised penis envy in which Pollard’s obsessive coverage of the issue was in fact a reflection of his own embarrassingly complete member. In a email, academic Daniel Boyarin suggested that Pollard’s compulsive hatred of Palestinians was in fact a desire for ‘phallustine’.

  6. Mr Cartligio is the (not very articulate) BNP candidate for the post of Greater London’s executive Mayor. (Not to be confused with the Lord Mayor of the Corporation of London, which is to do with the Square mile itself.)

    Despite both the Tory and Labour candidates being incompetent clowns and the Liberal Democrat candidate being Brian Paddick, Cartligio stands no chance of winning, but may compete vigorously with Paddick for fourth place. There is a second preference voting system in these mayorial elections, which in Bedford landed us with a Liberal Democrat who had only a sixth of the first preference votes, but with the country in its current mood, this system will probably propell the UKIP candidate to third or even second place. First place if Johnson and Livingstone actually exchange blows in public before polling day!

    The Mayor of London governs a bigger population than Israel and a bigger budget than most UN member countries. Which makes one wonder why all three “main” parties chose to put up embarrasing comedy acts. Beside that lunacy, the Jewish Chronicle’s perverse support for the fascist candidate is about par for the course.

  7. The BNP and EDL can fairly be described as “fascist” or more accurately “falangist”, but their views pale into moderation when compared with the genuinely extreme right in Britain, who are after massive global population reduction and the elimination of most technology and all social organization.

    Put it this way: most of the Nazi party Leadership, including Hitler, would have backed away from the sort of thing that Richard Hart and Troy Southgate preach. They have the effect of making the BNP and EDL seem a bit less offensive than they really are.

  8. RE: “When he was asked by the Guardian, Stephen Pollard, the JC editor lied, claiming he’d taken down Cortiglia’s blog ‘in September’ (the month he first posted at the JC site). JC screenshots prove his posts were publicly accessible until April 18th.” ~ R.S.

    MY COMMENT: Oh, my goodness. Dear me! It’s quite the conundrum! Who are you going to believe, Stephen Pollard or that lying screen capture?!?!

  9. On many sites including fascist sites I see that Nick Griffin and all the BNP know that Carlos Cortiglia if not who he says he is: “All Cortiglia’s claims have been proved to be just fantasy, the BBC, The Foreign Office, The Secret Service, the Professorship of English at Michigan University, his diploma. The claim that he ran government media in Uruguay is complete rubbish as Uruguay journalists have found”. So what on earth can be the point of having him as their candidate? You know I think Carlos may turn out to be someone really quite exotic.

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