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  1. ***Finally, it appears Israel is increasingly paranoid about the subversive elements in its midst; or those aliens who attempt to penetrate into the sacred inner Israeli sanctum. In this instance, it was a bike ride organized by the ISM into the Jezreel Valley designed to display the apartheid aspect of Israeli roads which permit only Jews to travel on some of them. ***

    I understand that the Conservative movement you belong to is
    more lenient in regards to conversion standards, but for a layman blogger to automatically convert all the people eligible for Israeli licence plates to be “Jews” is a new and incomparable accomplishment.
    Is it your own idea or has it been approved by the “Committee on Jewish Law and Standards” of the Rabbinical Assembly?

    1. I’d like to see the Israeli police stop an Israeli Palestinian driving on one of these roads & have the driver speak to the officer in Arabic & see what happens even with an Israeli license plate. Also, if the notion of Israeliness encompasses its non-Jewish population can you tell me why Bibi & his boys are so intent on Israel being a supremacist JEWISH state?

  2. Israel’s shift into fascism isn’t going unnoticed. I actually doubt this incident would be getting the media attention it has received if it hadn’t happened at the same time the “flytilla” was taking place in Tel Aviv. In both cases, the Israeli government acted as though the country were being invaded by al Qaeda. The amount of paranoia was breathtaking. But aside from that, it drew attention to how foreigners wishing to visit Palestine are treated. Those who wish to visit the West Bank are not able to do so freely – we’re forced to lie about why we’re visiting because to tell the truth (that we’re visiting Palestinians or are coming to show support and give assistance to the Palestinians) will guarantee that we’ll be refused entry. The process of attempting to enter Palestine, if one is a non-Jew, is lengthy, tedious, humiliating and many times futile. The Palestinians are treated like prisoners who are not allowed to have visitors. This, of course, is yet another violation of the Geneva Conventions as they apply to people under occupation.

    1. ‎”I was effectively imprisoned for four days simply for answering, when asked where I was going, “Bethlehem.” In the bizarre world of Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport, even to speak the word Palestine is forbidden.”

      (Laura Durkey, describing what happened to her when she flew to Tel Aviv and said her destination was Bethlehem.)
      Where else in the world can one be thrown into prison just for mentioning the word “Bethlehem” which is a town considered holy to hundreds of millions of people around the world? Such is the insanity that is zionist Israel.

      1. And a blonde-haired European guy on a bike tour gets clobbered. This made Israel more secure, in the alternate universe. But in this one, it only shows the bizarre reality Israel lives in. I am still recalling the incident of last year, where in Jerusalem a man riding a bus uttered the words, “death to Jews” and not only was he aggressively pursued by the police, but it was reported as a “terrorist incident.” It spoke volumes about the level of paranoia in Israeli society.

      1. The incident itself had nothing to do with the suspension.
        The Lt. Colonel was suspended less than a day following the realisation that there’s a video proving this incident.

        A great difference.

  3. As a kippah wearing Jew, I think Eisner’s actions were completely wrong. He lost his temper after being taunted and shoved, but that is no excuse. He should definitely be reprimanded, but not vilified. The Israeli army should have his back and keep this in house instead of letting this spin out of control.
    I also think the beating of Israeli children by the Israeli army protesting the disengagement a few years ago was a much worse chilul Hashem. Yet most of the media didnt care one iota.

    1. No. Israel talks about “shared values” with the West, especially the US. This video, however, probably aroused “westerners” substantially, just as it would in the US. “(S)hared values” is hokum: Israel shares values historically with South Africa and fascist Italy. That’s what makes this video more than just an IDF concern — it makes the lie of shared values crystal clear, just like the dogs chasing after marchers in Selma Alabama made the lie of equality in America crystal clear.

      1. I think even he has more shared values with US than their own army personnel who took pictures of abusing naked prisoners in Iraq or the others who were pissing on dead corps in Afghanistan.
        As for me, I condemn actions such as he did.
        It is not an act of an Army man or in fact, no person should abuse his position in such a way.

    2. Eisner was not taunted and not shoved. I dare you to offer a shred of evidence that this happened. The IDF filmed the entire incident btw. Where is that footage & why isn’t it released?

      He should be in the brig, not reprimanded. He’s a vile thug & you should be ashamed for saying even a single syllable to mitigate his evil behavior.

      What the IDF does to Palestinians worse than what happened in Gush Katif?? Puh-leeze. Gimme a break.

      1. I dont believe you can call a man a “vile thug” for one action. Have you looked into his past to see if he has done similar actions?

        1. I see. One must slam one’s rifle into an unarmed person’s face many times in order to be called a “vile thug.”

          1. No, but it’s accurate especially while bearing in mind that Israeli soldiers slam their rifles into the faces of Palestinians every day (and worse). The only difference is, the world isn’t watching.

        2. Can’t believe I would call an IDF Lt. Col. a vile thug for rifle butting three innocent unarmed peace activists doing nothing more than riding their bike? Sure I would. If I kicked your mother’s teeth in would you need more evidence to prove I was a vile thug before you made such a judgment of me?

          But if you need more Haggai Matar had a lovely interaction with this asshole independent of this event & has written about it at 972 Magazine. Read it.

          1. Haggai Matar’s “own private Shalom Eisner” was NOT Shalom Eisner but someone else. I guess they are hundreds in The-Most-Moral-Army….

        3. @ Natan
          Concerning Shalom Eisner’s “one action”.
          B’Tselem released a footage from the Palestinian television. Have a look at it and count Eisner’s “actions”. I stopped after three:
          > min 1:50 he hits a girl with his gun
          > min 2:00: the Danish guy
          > 2:05: he hits a guy in the back. Ami Kauffman at 972mag had a close-up picture of the back a couple of days ago.
          His behaviour is fitting perfectly the description by Zvi Barel of a gorilla going wild….
          There were cameras there, and many Internationals. Do we have to tell you what’s going on when the IDF is all alone with the Palestinians ?

    3. No, he did not lose his temper. He was using the training he was given.

      I’m amazed you would say that, yet presumably in the same breath you talk about the beating of Israeli children.

      1. You think he was trained to hit a peaceful protester in the face with a gun? I’m pretty sure that’s not true. (And I’m pretty sure he wasn’t so peaceful, but that remains to be seen if we ever see full video)

        1. The IDF has the full video of the incident. Why don’t you ask for it?

          As for his training, he’s a Lt Col. HE is the one who trains other soldiers & if he behaves this way you can be sure that everyone under his command does as well.

  4. Israel stands completely dumbfounded against non-violent protest. The bully understands only violence and non-violence is to him as glass appeared to the bushman in The Gods Must Be Crazy.

    Israel is up in arms about this incident although this happens daily to Palestinians. The difference from a PR perspective is that it’s harder to convince the world that a young blonde unarmed Dane is a terrorist, therefore all the “condemnations”, whereas if it happened to a Palestinian you would hardly hear about it.

    1. They (Israeli rightwing Jews’ media) call these western friends of Palestine anarchists (for example in Arutz Sheva). Palestinian is always called as terrorist, even he/she basically did not do anything violent besides demonstrated on their own land.

      This Israeli Jews ability to turn everything around so that they are the victims is “interesting”. The story of Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner is being blown out of proportions simply because he is a religious Jew. They in earnest claim that the Danish boy hit Eisner first and Eisner got first aid to his “fractured” hand and then returned to revenge. That is rather absurd. If a demonstrator attacks an high raking fat and bold officer surrounded by tens of lower and somewhat slimmer soldiers, the other soldiers would beat the boy at the spot out of this life or at least to hospital shape. But as usual we are demanded to believe that these heavily armed aggressive Jewish soldiers are the victims. It is hilarious that Eisner is seen as a victim because he is religious and because the media speaks about what that religious man did.

      1. Eisner told reporters that he “received the ruling in the matter with a heavy heart. I’m physically and emotionally injured and I have to recuperate. I have to reconsider my future in the IDF, should I be offered another position.”

        Physically and emotionally injured and has to recuperate – indeed. What a desperate flock of clowns. Muscles begin to hurt after beating defenseless with a rifle and emotions become injured after an video of that emerges. Not anymore the most “moral” army, now it is the most weepy army. A weepy army with hundreds of nukes, nerve gases and biological weapons. And weepy religious extremists.

  5. And of course, the main point is lost in this incident: the cyclists were protesting the “Jew only” road system, one of the most conspicuous manifestations of Israeli Apartheid, and that’s how this incident came to be.

  6. Richard writes:
    “Eisner, who is now under investigation for rifle-butting at least three protesters including one caught on videotape, is appealing to the chief military prosecutor for the appointment of an attorney to defend him. If the military supplies one it will be tacitly affirming that his conduct of flagrantly assaulting unarmed demonstrators is accepted IDF policy; something Prime Minister Netanyahu has denied publicly”

    Both military and political leaders, aside from kippah wearing ones, have totally condemned his act, and I predict that he will be permanently dismissed frm his job.

    However, army law guarantees legal representation from an army unit of public defenders, gratis, to all suspects or court-martialed soldiers for all offences from AWOL to drugs, through treason, violence and disobeying orders.
    Their is no implied “tacit” acceptance of his act in supplying him legal counsel in this case.

    One cannot but miss the irony in the picture of a bearded orthodox Jew hitting with his weapon a blue-eyed blond-haired aryan looking victim, especially whilst Israel commemorates this evening Holocaust memorial day.

      1. I don’t remember being wrong in my predictions, and certainly not “many times”, especially since I haven’t predicted very much!
        But let us both note my prediction here, and we’ll see in a week or so which of us will have a meal of hat.

      2. Just heard on Israel Army radio that the officer has been kicked out of his job, denied promotion and receiving any post where he will have authority over soldiers, for the next 2 years.

        This is an administrative decision by the CO Staff, and has no bearing on the CRIMINAL investigation that is still ongoing and may well recommend criminal procedings against him.

        1. By the grace of God or someone with half a brain in the IDF general staff…Looks like you won this bet. And frankly I thought they’d hang tough & let the guy back in after a respectful hiatus.

          But I think we all know that Eisner’s only “crime” was getting caught on camera. If it were any other situation, he’d have been commended or at least tolerated.

          1. It’s a slap on the wrist. He wasn’t demoted, isn’t serving a moment’s time in jail, nor is he being dishonorably discharged. It’s definitely PR. No loss of rank, no loss of paycheck, and it’s all swept under the rug. I hope the victim sues, although it’s likely he will achieve the same degree of success as Rachel Corrie’s parents did.

    1. Dwelling on the incident and on Eisner is just a distraction. The major issue is Israel’s system of Apartheid, which is beyond dispute at this point, and is what the activists were protesting. Remember now, Palestinians are now locked behind walls and fences in areas A and B, about 8% of historic Palestine – that is the main issue – keep your eyes on the ball!

    2. Had Eisner hit a German, I don’t know how Germany would have reacted, but the Danes have been very firm: the ambassador to Tel Aviv and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have strongly condemned the agression and asked for an explanation (not in the sense of ‘hasbara’ ), and the story has been on the frontpages of all major Danish newspapers. I guess the Danes are antisemites…
      As someone wrote somewhere else: in the ’60s et ’70s, the young Scandinavians, particularly the members of the Social-Democratic Youth, went to work in the kibbutzim in big numbers, today they go to the West Bank !

      If Eisner got kicked out it’s only because he was filmed, and the victim was non-Palestinian. The Danish guy, Andreas, told Danish newspapers that he didn’t understand the fuss about his agression: he had seen much worse done to Palestinians in his time in the West Bank.
      This is going to be used by the hasbara: “See, we’re the only Ethnocra…sorry, Democracy in the Middle East”.

        1. You’re right. And we better watch out for this guy in two-years time.
          Haggai Matar, an Israeli who spent two years in prison for refusing to serve in the IDF has a very strong testimony today on his own private Shalom Eisner that he came across during a peaceful demonstration in the West Bank and who’s never been sanctioned. And on what he went through in the hospital when they found out that he got wounded as an “Arab-lover”…

  7. This incident cannot be seen in isolation,it is unfortunately indicative of a trend and the sooner all Israelis admit to this the sooner corrective action can start.
    The control of Palestinian affairs (aka occupation) has eroded moral values in Israel and has made the use of violence toward those not directly involved in hostile activity more acceptable in Israel.
    The misuse of religion to excuse misconduct in Israel is increasingly accepted.
    Whereas once upon a time, the wearing of a kippa was a sign of being held to a higher standard now it is becoming a “Get out of jail free card”.
    The lowering of moral standards,nepotism, increased corruption overall and in particular in the judicial system (which I rarely see reported here), cannot end well.
    We as Israelis must see the writing on the wall and reinvent ourselves.
    Why have we allowed the jewel that is Israel to be so tarnished by self serving groups and individuals.

    1. “The jewel that is Israel”
      Typical Israeli navel gazing and an insult to the people and the nation that was destroyed in order for you to immigrate from your native Ireland.
      There’s an original sin that you can’t get rid off no matter how much you stick your head in the sand:
      Please, look carefully at the pictures, and tell me that the “jewel” ain’t fake !
      If you want pictures of Palestinians and their life in their homeland prior to ’48, give me a hint.

  8. RE: “Personally, the image of an Orthodox Jew bearing a kippah acting as if he was a pro-wrestler assaulting an unarmed civilian made me sick. It was a hillul Ha-Shem (“desecration of God’s name).” ~ R.S.

    CHRIS HEDGES, 3/05/12: (excerpt)…The Israeli poet Aharon Shabtai, in his poem “Rypin,” translated by Peter Cole, examined what power, force and self-worship do to compassion, justice and human decency. Rypin was the Polish town his father escaped from during the pogroms.

    These creatures in helmets and khakis,
    I say to myself, aren’t Jews,
    In the truest sense of the word. A Jew
    Doesn’t dress himself up with weapons like jewelry,
    Doesn’t believe in the barrel of a gun aimed at a target,
    But in the thumb of the child who was shot at—
    In the house through which he comes and goes,
    Not in the charge that blows it apart.
    The coarse soul and iron first
    He scorns by nature.
    He lifts his eyes not to the officer, or the soldier
    With his finger on the trigger—but to justice,
    And he cries out for compassion.
    Therefore, he won’t steal land from its people
    And will not starve them in camps.
    The voice calling for expulsion
    Is heard from the hoarse throat of the oppressor—
    A sure sign that the Jew has entered a foreign country
    And, like Umberto Saba, gone into hiding within his own city.
    Because of voices like these, father
    At age sixteen, with your family, you fled Rypin;
    Now here Rypin is your son.

    SOURCE – http://www.commondreams.org/view/2012/03/05-1

  9. RE: “Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner…was caught on video rifle-butting multiple peace protesters…” ~ R.S.

    THE HASBARIST SEZ: This is obviously just another slick Pallywood production (funded by commie-pinko-liberal “outside agitators”) using special effects to fake this incident and to thereby try to delegitimize Israel by making The World’s Most Moral Army™ look like a bunch of Mussolini’s ‘black shirts’.
    How dare anyone publish these blood libels!
    How dare they!
    How dare they!
    How dare they! [lol]

  10. The army has a habit of waiting till such international incidents blow over and then quietly ending the investigation, reinstating the offender, and even later promoting him to a higher rank as reward for his valor under fire.”

    “IDF chief dismisses officer who hit Danish activist with rifle
    Lt. Col. Shaul Eisner, who was filmed beating a protester with his rifle butt, will be barred from command positions for next two years; Eisner says he regrets hitting activist ‘in front of cameras.”


    It would appear that you are correct, Richard.

    1. I think the term “dismissed” is inapt. He was only dismissed from his current position, not from the IDF. So he will forego a promotion in the next round & will lose command of troops for 2 yrs. If he doesn’t move on to a high paying job in the private security sector, he could very well come back like a bad penny or spirit from the dead with a nice promotion in two years.

    1. I’ll have to renew my bet with Shmuel in that case. I think what you’re suggesting is very possible. Clearly, Eisner has friends in high places in the Israeli rabbinate & Orthodox/settler community. Eli Yishai is calling him a hero as well. With friends like that, even Lazarus could come back from the Dead.

  11. Will weapons experts advise: My impression is that Eisner was carrying his rifle in a manner useful ONLY for smashing people ( ‘s faces), not for firing. This seems clear to me, and the action seems practiced and pre-meditated. Eisner approaches the victim with apparent readiness to do this cruel act.

  12. A correction:
    It wasn’t “Jezreel Valley” (which is inside pre-’67 Israel) where the bike ride took place but “Bik’at Hayarden” (Jordan Valley), at the occupied West Bank’s NE.

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