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  1. Hi Richard,

    It’s nice of you to help raise money for groups you feel are worthy.

    You may not recall, but less than two years ago Badil awarded a prize to a cartoon featuring a stereotypical caricature of a Jew holding a pitchfork dripping with blood standing over a dead Arab child.

    This might not align with your vision of promoting peace, good will and understanding.

        1. Delightful. You take NGO Monitor as an arbiter of fact & truth? A group whose director was sued successfully for lying about the views of a Palestinian NGO & was forced to publicly confirm this on his own website??

          Don’t ever link to that garbage site again here. Now provide a credible source to confirm your claim.

  2. You write: ” They [NGOs] are the teetering dike that stands between a possible peaceful future and a catastrophic flood of ultra-nationalism and hate. As such, we owe them all the moral and financial support we can offer.”

    Richard, you may be right — but only when Jewish action is viewed as taking place WITHIN a (greater) Jewish community (or within Israel).

    I think you should ALSO consider what YOU do — calling out to the whole world (while also addressing Jewish communities).

    What would happen, for instance, if a great part of the Jewish communities of (say) Germany made public statements calling on their country’s people and government to adopt a BDS-like attitude toward Israel until BDS-like goals were met — say, by way of BDS-like attitude, withdrawal of embassies and cessation of commercial air-traffic, and, say, by way of BDS-like goals, removal of all settlers and dismantling of the wall and all settlements and akll internal check-points, and ending the siege of Gaza.

    What — I am asking — if Jews (who live in the world, as we all do, even those who live in Israel) took outward-directed actions (as well as inward-directed actions) to change Israel’s situation — its situation of automatic immunity and impunity w.r.t. its lawlessness in the OPTs and in war-making?

  3. Definitely righteous to put some skin in the game. Good for Richard.

    It looks like the organizations Richard suggests are devoted to dealing with the I/P quagmire. I hope the readers of richardsilverstein.com might also consider nonprofits that are actually doing good in the O/T. If I may, my personal favorite is


    Teach for Palestine:

    What we do
    Teach for Palestine brings internationally trained teachers to the West Bank to work with kids. TFP’s holistic, interactive approach has proven effective in mentoring students and developing fluency. The average student at TFP acquires 350 new words and advances slightly more than one grade level in reading each semester. After their initial exposure to international teachers, student’s verbal fluency increases exponentially and continues to grow rapidly throughout the program. Moving beyond the classroom, our communicative and compassionate approach draws out and engages children who have suffered from violence, abuse and oppression the better part of their lives.

    Why we do it
    English is a necessity in the modern Palestinian economy. Foreign aid, trade, and international investment make up 90% of all economic activity in the West Bank. To access any of these sectors in a meaningful way requires the ability to communicate in English. Well paying careers paths that have the greatest potential to expand and develop the Palestinian economy, such as working in medicine, the sciences, and technology require degrees that are taught primarily in English. This means that most Palestinian students are unable to effectively access and contribute to these fields. English language skills are essential if they are going to have a chance to contribute to their country and build a better life for themselves and their children. Teach for Palestine is giving them that chance.
    TFP serves the poorest neighborhoods, the Balata and Askar refugee camps and the villages around Nablus. In these areas unemployment is well over 80%. The majority of the information necessary to innovate, invent and create is primarily available in English. By giving our students access to that information, we give them access to opportunity.

    1. my description above, “I hope the readers of richardsilverstein.com might also consider nonprofits that are actually doing good in the O/T.” is a bit of mis-speak —

      all of the org’s on Richard’s list are doing good, much good; and I wish I was rich so I could give lots to all of them.

  4. These are a lot of good groups you draw attention to. One does wonder how much more good work they could do with more resources. A critical part of this most important work, IMO, is to try and get the message through within Israeli society. Unfortunately, that society, as a whole, seems impervious to enlightenment regarding it’s own precipitous slide ever rightward. The reasons for sealing itself in it’s own misguided cocoon have been amply described by many, including you. But these days, given the dam of information out there, even steel reinforced walls can be penetrated. But that’s where resources come in because all information is not equally presented. Some parts of it take up so much oxygen that people just won’t tune into any other voice.

    The NGOs you mention all operate on shoe-string budgets, as do many others not mentioned on this list that are in the O/T, the US, etc. All they have going for them is numbers and those are not large (maybe 50,000 max for all the I/P directed organizations combined? I suspect it’s less than that). I am convinced that were the messages disseminated more widely (which requires more monetary support for sure), there are a few more 10’s of 1000s that could be swayed to throw in their lot with the righteous. My estimate (a very personal one) is that i takes about 100,000 people to stand together on something to push through the apathy.

    To get to that number your call for generosity is well placed. One can only hope that among the 1% there can be found that miniscule fraction who’d care enough to weigh in on the side of angels.

  5. Golly not a single pro-Israel “charity” among the lot! Every single one of your “charitries” is a pro-terror anti-Israel anti-Semitic political group. So what should we conclude about your understanding of Tzedaka and other concepts of Judaism??

  6. richard,

    yet again i am truly shocked at your abusive language and frequently snide remarks. i so want to listen to what you say, but you make it very difficult. i was not brought up that way. if you want to make a difference, you have to lead by example. how can you profess love and peace and show so much hatred and anger?

    1. Oh horse manure. You’re only the 15th commenter over some years who’s written virtually the same comment. You don’t agree with or care to listen to anything I write about here. The proof is you haven’t published comment here before & likely won’t again.

      You actually think someone who snidely implies that New Israel Fund donates untold millions to these NGOs is a comment that deserves to be taken seriously?

      1. Dear Richard,

        Here is your proof.
        NGO NIF Grants 2009 NIF Grants 2010 Difference Percent
        Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) $603,250 $781,123 +$177,873 +29%
        Adalah $55,400 $475,950 +420,550 +759%
        Agenda $244,500 $587,000 +342,500 +140%
        Al-Qaws $45,500 $58,110 +12,610 +27%
        Al-Yeter $7,000 $104,000 +97,000 +1385%
        Arab Forum for Sexuality $10,000 None -$10,000 -100%
        Aswat $7,200 $42,300 +$35,100 +487%
        B’Tselem $111,722 $368,832 +$257,110 +230%
        Bimkom $449,000 $274,000 -$175,000 -38%
        Breaking the Silence $49,000 $152,540 +$103,540 +211%
        Coalition of Women for Peace $8,620 $20,130 +$11,510 +133%
        Emek Shaveh $0 $2,500 +$2500 +100%
        Gisha $4,350 $35,975 +$31,625 +727%
        HaMoked $36,320 $208,300 +$171,980 +473%
        Ikrit $5,000 $1,000 -$3,500 -70%
        I’lam $159,500 $21,000 -$138,500 -86%
        IPCRI $15,000 $18,942 +$3942 +26%
        Israel Social TV (Syncopa Community) $47,500 $25,000 -$22,500 -47%
        Ir Amim $154,800 $347,113 +$192,313 +124%
        Machsom Watch (Women’s Fund for Human Rights) $39,500 $34,362 -$5,138 -13%
        Mada Al-Carmel None $100,000

        Mossawa $213,000 $92,625 -$120,375 -56%
        Negev Coexistence Forum $7,500 $32,169 +$24,669 +328%
        Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) $7,500 $30,000 +$22,500 +300%
        PHR-I $178,182 $301,947 +$123,765 +69%
        Rabbis for Human Rights $183,000 $90,915 -$92,085 -50%
        Women Against Violence $322,000 $88,000 -$234,000 -72%
        Yesh Din $42,850 $38,886 -$3,984 -9%
        Total $3,007,194 $4,333,199 +$1,326,005 +44%

        more details in http://www.ngo-monitor.org/article/changes_in_nif_funding_grants

        Chag Sameach and best regards,
        horse manure

        1. Why would you use NGO Monitor as your source? Look up above at a response from the owner of this blog to an earlier comment:

          “You take NGO Monitor as an arbiter of fact & truth?…Don’t ever link to that garbage site again here.”

        2. I didn’t ask for proof of anything. But thanks for pointing out NGOs that NIF funds which I had omitted from my own list. I’ll be sure to add some of them since I find their work quite compelling.

          What I found noxious in your first comment is the assumption that because NIF funds an NGO that this means it should need no further support from any other donor. This of course is a stupid notion. But further, i’ts a notion advanced by someone who detests both the NGOs themselves & NIF as well. Therefore, it turns your comment into insipid snark. Third, there are many NGOs in my list which are not on the NIF list. And finally, I have no idea what your point is other than implying that NIF is the font of evil when it comes to goading Israeli NGOs into their acts of terror or subversion or whatever idiocy you believe.

          Finally, thanks for signing yourself “horse manure” so that we can attach the proper value to your contribution.

          BTW, would you tell your friends at NGO Monitor that they should publicly list all their donors as almost all of these NGOs do. Until now, this moronic group, whose director was commanded by an Israeli court to publish a public apology to a Palestinian NGO for lying about & defaming it, has refused to be transparent about its own funding sources. When it does that, & when you tell me you’ve demanded that it do so, then we can take you a bit more seriously. Till then you are “horse manure” as is NGO Monitor.

  7. Richard

    Your making a difference, and the peace and justice movement for Israelis and Palestinians you have labored for is getting bigger and stronger by the day.

    That’s the impetus for the maniacal attacks, because they know their not getting bigger and surely weaker with every passing day.

    1. And, it is important for the new media to provide such information. So, Richard suggests readers consider contributions to the listed org’s (and some readers do not agree); but there’s also an important component of providing the information of these orgs.

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