11 thoughts on “Dirar Abusisi: First Kidnapped by Mossad, Now Abused in Israeli Prison – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There is no hope from the “Supreme Court” because the IDF and the government, separately and in unison, defy orders from this court. The Supreme Court is a charade like Israel is a charade, a posturing fraud.

  2. Everything about the case of Dirar Abusisi is preposterous. Seems that killing him without leaving marks on the body would be best solution for Israel — the man is an embarassment. Prosecution was not even aware that “Petrovich” is not a last name, Abusisi was accused of studying rocket science in a department years after it was closed etc.

    Characteristically, it was a while ago that IDF claimed that all involved in the “kidnapping” of Gilad Shalit were killed, and now every high profile case of a person from Gaza is related to Gilad Shalit.

    Today I was surprised to learn that Israeli prison service is so humane that it has forms for verifying “sufficiently good health” before placing someone for a year in solitary confinement. In Middle Ages prisoners could rot in dungeons without having proper forms filled on their behalf, luckily, we progressed from those dark times.

  3. No, Richard. I didn’t get the memo.

    Abu Sisi’s first lawyer said that ‘excessive measures’ were used to get Abu Sisi to confess. Abu Sisi’s second lawyer said that ‘illegal method’ were used to extract the confessions.

    “Routine tortures” isn’t an answer either.

    Neither of his two defense lawyers have explained exactly what illegal or excessive measures were used to get their client to confess, and since I don’t readily believe prosecutors or defense attorneys I thought you might know how Abu Sisi was ‘tortured’ into confessing.

    1. Abusisi’s alleged confessions were obtained under torture as are many similar “confessions” obtained from Palestinians. I know specifics of so many cases, & the torturers & their techniques don’t change, so I don’t really need to know the specifics of his case. If you read the Israeli press as closely as you should you’d read the same things I’ve read on this score. I will ask the attorney for your benefit though.

    2. do u need them to film it and show as proves? this is israeli prison, not the hollywood studio… they used to torture palestinians in prisons.that fact is known.

      1. @ alina

        No. I’d just like Mr. Abu Sisi’s defense attorneys to be a little more specific about their client’s mistreatment at the hands of his captors.
        I haven’t read anywhere that Mr. Abu Sisi’s confession had been extracted by torture. Have you?

        1. You mean other than his lawyers which have said so repeatedly in the public media? You mean other than that? Or are you expecting the Shabak interrogators to rush forward and confess to their abuse in public?

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