4 thoughts on “Stratfor: Russia Provides Israel With Code to Crack Tor M-1 Air Defense System It Provided to Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If this reported co-operation is true, it’s hard to avoid the speculation that both Russia and Israel were pushing their (underpriced?) wares into these particular markets with the prospect of having bargaining-chips leverage on their counterparts.

  2. I’ve supposed for many years that no middle east country should buy American-made aircraft or other weapons BECAUSE the electronics would betray them in the event of war (war with Israel, that is). This article suggests that that sort of thinking must be so routine as to make people wonder why anyone would mention it, warn against it.

  3. Turkish alarm about plans to site S-300 missiles on Cyprus was largely because this weapon placed the civilian traffic pattern for several Turkish airports within range of Cypriot forces.

    Russia’s offer to supply it to the Cypriot government (directly as I recall, not via Greece in fact) was, at the time, widely seen as payback for Turkey’s material and political support for Bosnia in the face of Serbian genocide.

  4. None of this seems to make sense. It is rather easy to change the encryption of a data link IF YOU SUSPECT THAT YOU HAVE TO, and avionics (the electronic black boxes) are often — even usually — sold separately from airframes. The US has sold warplanes to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan and maybe other Middle Eastern countries aside from Israel.

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