15 thoughts on “U.S. Ambassador to Israel: U.S. Ready for Iran Strike – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Oh boy, Iraq 2.0 is finally here. We just pulled our troops out of one mess to throw them right back into another. And how are we expecting to pay for the war this time? The first gulf war was paid for by the Saudis. We thought the oil was going to pay for the second gulf war–and we were dead wrong. We’re on the brink of an economic collapse, with over 44% of the population on welfare and less than 51% of the population actually paying their taxes. Just how does the government expect to finance this war? And why are we fighting a war that is not even in our own country’s national interest, but the interests of Israel? Why can’t they fight their own war? We’ve given them a qualitative military edge over the entire middle east and pour billions of dollars into their pockets ever year, I’m sure Israel is strong enough to fight its own wars by now.

      1. Ambassadors aren’t the conduits of US foreign policy as they once were prior to WWII, certainly not on a par with cabinet Principles, trumped by the current Cent-Com Commander and doubly irrelevant whenever Special Envoy’s are appointed. The ambassadorship was an empty suit while Mitchell and Ross battled it out over US policy towards Israel.

        Ambassadors today are cypher’s with portfolio, witing or witless agents of POTUS’s intrigues and schemes in achieving US policies. The Israelis just got blindsided by US cancellation of war games, and its Shaprio’s job to convincingly make all the speculation much ado about nothing.

        The more interesting thing to me is just how keyed in is Shapiro with Obama’s game plan, or is he just a pacifier for the Israel Lobby and useful tool in Tel Aviv? That’s the unknown unknowable.

  2. Iran is not a danger to the West at all ! Okay, they have oil.
    Thanks to Putin we nowadays can import also a lot of oil from Russia. We do not need the Middle East ! More clean energy and the rest from Russia is our solution for Europe. And besides, Russia should be more powerful in Europe, because besides oil we need to embrace their Orthodox-Christian religion as well.

  3. The USA needs the price of oil to be DOLLAR denominated. Many countries, including now Iran, are moving toward other currencies and when this move is far enough along, the USA is in big trouble. Read it here.

    Libya was working on this, and look what happened to Qaddafi. Iran is working on (or has already) switched to Yuan (or other) for selling oil to China. Who’ll buy USA’s debt when the dollar will no longer buy oil?

  4. My M/W post –

    “It should be mandatory for every news article or TV discussion regarding Iran to repeat what Panetta said last Sunday:

    “Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No.”

  5. Iran is NOT to be trusted . There word is poop.
    say one thing and do another, trusting Iran is like saying Hitler was a good person,
    belive iran power plant is for energy and you are flirting with a time bomb,
    We as AMERICANS will protect our country and freedom, even if the government in power will not do as AMERICANS ask, we will protect the world from the HITLERS to come, WITH WAR IF IT COMES TO THAT,

    1. I’d say it’s YOU who is not to be trusted. Your racism is breathtaking. The fact that you call yourself “Marine” is also frightening. I hope you haven’t been urinating on any corpses lately.

    2. Uhm substitute iran with america there glib soldier and try not to think too much . Remember you signed up to be the flesh that stops bullets.

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