5 thoughts on “Russia Prepares for Possible Israeli-U.S. Strike on Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Also in the original article: (1) Russian soldiers’ families have been evacuated home from Armenia. (2) The sources in the defence department neither deny nor confirm the participation of the nuclear North Sea fleet.

  2. its about time to get this action underway…and this “tikkun olam” is about a bunch of Neville Chamberlain types who think that appeasement and the “poor women and children” excuse still hold water…

    Those poor women and children will serve as human shields. If a country acts irresponsibly by invading others embassies ( thats how all of this really got started…32 years ago ) and threatens to incinerate a people….well, they will get what’s no doubt coming soon.

  3. It isn’t really clear that Russian forces could assist Iran without actually going to war with the United States, which they won’t do until America is much weaker and they have a cause a lot closer to their hearts, such as natural resources in the Arctic Circle and the Norwegian sector of the Barents Sea. (The “Russian” sector of the Barents Sea was mostly acquired by American-supported conquest of Finnish territory in the forties. Roosevelt threatened to declare war on Finland if they took too much of their own territory back from Stalin.)

    Iran almost certainly has the means to cause mass casualties on its own account, too.

    The amount of VX precursor chemicals that China sold to Iran a couple of years back now (10,000 tons reputedly), would suffice to kill a LOT more people than the sort of nuclear capability currently being guessed at for Iran in the next few years. It’s also better suited to delivery by masses of cheap medium range rockets. Western politicians have nuclear vision and they poorly perceive equal or greater dangers.

    We won’t see Russia riding to Iran’s rescue: we will see Iran inflicting mayhem with the WMD it already has, if it is attacked. Then we will see Russia cash in on any easy and cost-free opportunities that present themselves after that.

    But Russian troops dying to keep the Ayatollahs in power? Don’t be daft.

  4. Jeffrey, if the Russians are true to their word (and why wouldn’t they be?) then they are letting you and Obama and Netanyahu know that if you guy’s “get this action underway” then the result will not be a clean, surgical, shock-and-awe campaign.

    It will be a re-run of the Korean War.

    You know, the last time the USA blythly assumed that the Russians and the Chinese would stand on the sidelines watching while the GI’s “finished the job”.

    Look up what happened when those GI’s approached the Yalu River.

    I do believe that some US military units are still looking for their battle-flags…..

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