9 thoughts on “Major Maariv Profile of Tikun Olam – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The Man Who Knew Too Much is a biography of Alan Turing by David Leavitt.

    Be careful of any apples left for you by the IDF.

  2. Dvorit Shargal’s Velvet Undergroung has the following quote:

    “אי שם בישראל, בדסק של מערכת עיתון או כלי תקשורת אלקטרוני, יושב עורך, מפיק או בעל תפקיד אחר, המצוי ביחסים קרובים עם שר לשעבר בממשלת ישראל – אדם שפעל בזירה הבטחונית עשרות שנים ואינו נמנה עם מקורביו של רה”מ. בין השניים לא מתקיימת חברות אישית הדוקה, לכל היותר היו ביניהם פעם יחסי עבודה. השר לשעבר נוהג להעביר לאיש התקשורת פריטי מידע מרתקים וחשובים, אבל למרות הפיתוי המובן, העיתונאי לא עושה שימוש באינפורמציה שהוא מקבל מהמקור הנאמן שלו אלא מעביר אותה הלאה… ריצ’רד סילברסטיין מקבל בשמחה את המידע שמעביר לו השר הבכיר לשעבר דרך איש הקשר החשאי, ומפרסם אותו בבלוג המשפיע שלו, תיקון עולם”.

    [Tikun Olam is linked]
    She also has a great silhouette of you from the paper.


    1. Google translate:
      “Somewhere in Israel, a desk of a newspaper or electronic media, sitting editor, producer or other official, found a close relationship with former Israeli cabinet minister – a man who worked security arena for decades and is among the associates of the Prime Minister. Between the two there is no close personal friends, among them more than once had a working relationship. The former minister of communication used to transfer information items to a fascinating and important, but despite the temptation sense, the journalist does not use information it receives from the source of his loyal but passes it on … Richard Silverstein gladly accept the information transmitted to the former senior minister through secret contact, and advertiser him his influential blog, Tikun Olam “.

      The Dutch version is just as bad. Humans will always be needed for translation.

  3. Well done, congrats. Richard. Beef up your online security now, lest anyone takes the title seriously 😉

    Oh and by the way, does anyone know why the English version of Maariv closed down?

  4. After reading the interview you gave to “maariv” I can understand even less then I did before the reasons for you doing whatever you do. I wonder where you get the privileges and legitimization to take the law to your own hands, against whatever Israel court of law resolution and decide by yourself what the public should or shouldn’t know while you are not in any way part of that public!

    You said in the interview that when you’re mistaken you apologize…
    according to that say, I know you owe some apologies!

  5. Is there any way you would consider limiting your posts to 1-2 per day? It seems like so many interesting exchanges get cut short because the posts get bumped to page 2 as a result of the large number of new ones you sometimes put up at a time.

    Or maybe set up a discussion forum for those who are interested in following up more frequently with the issues you raise and the scoops you cover?

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