12 thoughts on “Israelis, Palestinians Meet in Jordan to Flog Dead Horse; Barghouti Says Talks DOA – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. When will the nations learn not to defy the G-d of Israel who says that israel is a jewish state from 3,500 yrs ago and that He Himself established the borders from Nile to Euphrates and that HE IS A MAN OF WAR who will fight to protect His covenant people !!!!

    When will the nations learn…..only after G-d destroys their power and crushes their armies, because the nations ignore to their own horrific end the words of the prophets of Israel

    1. Overall he’s a damn good politician (whatever you might think of him). Even if he’s a secular nationalist (I don’t know what his personal religious views are) he’s going to recognize that Islam plays a critical role in the lives of most Palestinians just as Judaism does in the lives of many Israeli Jews.

  2. this is incredibly bad news for Netanyahu and his cronies; what is truly good about the Palestinians willingness to seemingly act against their own interest (as Israel continues to alter the subject of the negotiation) by meeting face-to-face is that Netanyahu’s chronic excuse of his interpretation of ‘no preconditions’ has been met. now, when the Palestinians go to the UN for recognition and the world nations see how the Palestinians did everything that was possible (even by Israel’s and the US’s standard) while Israel will of course continue to obfuscate; the full membership recognition will be within reach.

    1. Well, no, UN membership requires that no country with a UNSC veto use that veto. The USA — a wholly-owned-subsidiary of AIPAC’s support for Israel’s expansivist government — will use its veto UNLESS Obama can guarantee himself re-election without Zionist money, and even then most likely.

      Even if the PA were to bend over backwards like a contortionist, the USA would never vote against the AIPAC ukase.

      1. would significantly enhance prospect for GA resolution, therefore access to ICC

        would likely result in greater than 9 votes in SC and therefore a huge potential embarrassment to the US (being Israel’s lacky) and thereby erode US support — it could be that the continuing erosion/disgust with Israel could turn enough public opinion to make play (Paul ain’t doing so bad, a lot better than 4 yrs ago)

  3. And wouldn’t you just hate it, Richard, if something were, in fact, to materialise from the latest round of talks. You’s hate it more than Netanyahu. Because you don’t want to see a Palestinian and a Jewish State side by side. We all know you oppose the existence of a Jewish State with a permanent Jewish majority.

    1. I wouldn’t “hate” it, I’d be dumbfounded. But I’ve been doing this long enough to recognize when a process is DOA, & this one is. The chances of anything constructive coming out of this particular nonsense are about 1 in a trillion.

      Frankly, I don’t care what the resolution of the conflict is as long as both sides agree mutually to the outcome. I don’t even oppose a state with a permanent Jewish majority as long as Israeli Jews do so by natural processes & not by expulsion, conquest, theft or other internationally illegal subterfuge.

      Your comments lately are taking on a particular nasty edge which not only do I not appreciate, but this violates the comment rules. If you have bile in yr system get it out elsewhere. And don’t lie or exaggerate my views for yr own purposes or you’ll be outa here before you know it.

      1. You are a bitter man. All you do is offend people and take an extremely bleak outlook on matters.
        You’re a sad joke.

  4. Richard is far too optimistic when he says that the “chances of anything constructive coming out of this particular nonsense are about 1 in a trillion.”

    Netanyahu will never agree to a 2ss that has any chance with the Palestinians.

    All that is interesting about this last ditch maneuver is that Netanyahu will have to respond with something.

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