3 thoughts on “Haaretz Hypocrisy: Exposé Finds Museums Don’t Offer Arabic-Language Materials, But Neither Does Haaretz – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Ha’aretz does not “refuse to make itself accessible to fully one-quarter of the Israeli population for whom Arabic is its native language.”

    The vast majority of that population speaks Hebrew fluently.

  2. By law any public institute in Israel must provide accesibility to Arabic speaking citizens. That law does not apply to
    Private businesses.
    There are 1.2 million russians in Israel
    – should Haaretz release a Russian version of it’s newspaper ? What about Yiddish ? And what about all the arab newspapers in israel that do not provide a hebrew version for the vast majority in Israel ?

    This article is a joke. I would recommand archiving it.

  3. Haaretz, Israel’s only broadsheet (some say its only true newspaper, forcing highly unpalatable information down the throats of an unwelcoming public, well-accustomed to denial), is a precariously surviving private business.

    Making the (e)paper more easily accessible to Arabic-only readers would serve a good cause, but if such moral upgrade puts at risk Amira Haas’s travel allowance (let alone the paper’s survival), the choice is obvious.

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