9 thoughts on “American Jewish Leaders Rake in Big Bucks Despite Failing Brands – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The one salary that stands out is that of Marvin Hier, who made over $700,000 raising money to bring 90-year-old Nazis and suspected Nazis to justice. So far the best he came up with recently is a 90-year-old who served seven years on Israel’s Death Row for being someone he wasn’t, before the Israeli Supreme Court, to its great credit, let him go. So Hier and the Wiesenthal Center, fearful of losing donations, pressured the US State Department to re-revoke Demjanjuk’s passport and ship him off to Germany, to stand trial for being someone he may or may not have been. As there were no witnesses to testify against him we’ll never know whether Demjanjuk was a rabid killer of Jews, some Ukranian schnook who was captured by the Germans and given the job of guarding an empty field, or none of the above. I suspect the second, but again, without witnesses, we’ll never know.

    But if convicting a 90-year-old schnook who’s already been to the wall on charges which turned out to be incorrect will somehow absolve present-day Germans of the crimes of the Third Reich; hey, they’re already absolved, but maybe Demjanjuk’s conviction will raise a few bucks for the Wiesenthal Foundation, and give hypocritical German prosecutors a chance to say we’ve brought this notorious Nazi to justice, so we can all absolve ourselves of our grandparents’ crimes.

    Oh, did I mention that Hier’s wife makes over $300K, and son another $150K or so. Nice pay for tracking down 90-year-olds in their dotage.

  2. But all the examples you gave are supporting Israel and on the Right. How about the Jewish Federations of NA, a tad higher than Foxman? What on earth do they do?
    Foxman measures anti-Semitism and runs programs on tolerance and puts himself on the line by speaking out in an increasingly complex world, in which Israel for all its flaws is a beacon and the Jews, as they have always been – for all their flaws – are the canaries in the coal mine.

  3. Those are astounding fundraising statistics for such a wishy-washy organization as J Street. If the trajectory of Jewish money continues like this, in a few years it’ll be two huge armies on the Israel battlefield: AIPAC vs. J STREET. And that is, of course, what the founders of J Street had in mind.

  4. It’s a bit off topic but this thread could use some life . . .

    . . . didn’t I see the suggestion on this blog a couple weeks ago that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may not be among the living anymore?

    I haven’t seen anyone else suggest that, but it’s interesting because it occurred to me today while reading the latest threats out of Iran that I hadn’t seen Mahmoud in the news for quite a while. These latest threats are coming from the Supreme Vice Whoopee-Dude Mohammad Reza Rahimi. And last week’s came from the head naval honcho.

    Anybody seen Mahmoud?

  5. @RichardSilverstein

    In response to your quote reproduced below, I suggest you read Gilad Atzmon’s book “The Wandering Who?” — http://www.amazon.com/Wandering-Who-Gilad-Atzmon/dp/1846948754

    RS quote:
    “We need an identity that includes Israel, but is not limited to it. We need to jettison the single issue Jewish identity hawked by fat cat ideologues like Michael Steinhardt and Sheldon Adelson. Their Jewishness is a dead-end. Those who are fooled into following these Pied Pipers will discover in the long run that they’ve made a fool’s bargain. They may have fat coffers, but they will stand for nothing, or at least nothing that will nurture the next generation and offer it something substantial and value-based as sustenance.”

  6. “Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution,” – the shirkey principle

    Just iike the banks, I see:
    IRS records indicate the group has shrunk from 528 employees in 2008 to 427 in 2010. Foxman’s salary, meanwhile, has increased at an average of 3.45% annually over the last three years, from $563,024 in 2008 to $621,470 in 2010.

    AJC is now “advocating energy independence”, and I’ve seen a right wing blog (NRO) suggest that pushing for alternate energy sources and protesting against Keystone XL is a postion of self hating jews or plain old anti-semitic.

    if it’s taking money from oil companies that want to drill in North America, it’s renting its self out as a front for greenwashing.

    p.s.. re “alter-kockers”. it’s koch.

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