2 thoughts on “Israeli Company Sold Internet Surveillance Software to Iran for Years – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “In other words, profits best ideology when money is to be made by Israeli entrepreneurs. Israelis can talk about patriotic duty and wax horrified at the notion of betraying the national good through such dealings, but the facts tell a different story.”

    Not only a question of pure ideology here, of course, since we’re seeing (as I read this post) a bit of ideology-influenced “prosecutorial discretion” whereby Israel has failed to enforce laws against this company which they quite probably do enforce against others (e.g.) Muslims.

  2. As far as oil imports are concerned, I don’t see how it is harmful for the state of Isreal in anyway. If anyone should be worried,it would be iran as to what steps need be taken to stop this from happening in their effort to starve Israel of the energy. I am sure Iranian oil is not the only source of oil for Israel,if so Iran would have already done that. Conversely if Israel is the only major importer of Iranian oil in the world, then an oil embargo is all it needs to cripple Iran’s economy.

    Coming to the Allot communications story.
    What if “NetEnforcer” is some kind of a secret bug that israel deliberately wants to plant in Iran’s internet communications? Don’t forget its a web monitoring product and you never know how these high-tech things can be tweaked to serve the masters. If you can recall how Siemens SCADA was used to wreck havoc to the Iranian centrifuges then my conjecture doesn’t sound as crazy as it seems.

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