8 thoughts on “Israel and Iran: Why War? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Why War?” is not a new question. In Israel’s case it is a 63-year-old question. Israel does not need reasons for war. It knows nothing else. As if it is her destiny. Is it evil or madness? Not so easy to decide… But is it “fascinating”? For me, I actually stopped being fascinated by this. I simply have to accept this as a fact of life.

  2. You write as if Meir Dagan is still Director of Mossad (i.e. “Meir Dagan may have ice water running through his veins, but his Iranian counterpart is no less steely”) when the reality is that he left that post last year.

    Not only does he no longer hold any such position, but he has recently (and repeatedly) spoken out against the possibility of Israel attacking Iran calling it a “stupid idea” among other things.

  3. Iam deeply appalled by the bullying powers of US, UK, France and their initiator, Israel. The sanctioning have gotten beyond reason, while US due wishes from lobby, Israel refuse to accept iranian proposals. Thus just proving that US, EU, France and of course Israel only have one goal, regime change.

    Ahmadinejad Offers Immediate Halt to 20 Percent Enrichment


    The so called talks with Iran is very similar to the talks with the palestinians. In the P5+1 talks with Iran, Iran have become what palestinians are in the the Israel/Palestine peace talks. Namely the part according to the other powerful side that refuse a diplomatic solution, the part that simply dont want peace, the part that doesnt fullfill their obligations and so on. And just as the israeli/palestinian talks the ‘talks’ are just a charade set up by Israel and their partners in the Quartet (clinton, tony blair, a usless ashton, a puppet named b.k. moon and a uninterested russian delegate) so are the talks with Iran. The truth is of course the reveresed, Iran give offer and are refused to even enrich and palestinians offer everything and beyond which were proved with the ‘Palestine wikileaks/Papers’.

    And where are the “no war” protest movements?
    What is it that make people dont rise up anymore? Is it that people in the west have become used to violence and war in the middle east that we dont care if our leaders start another war? Is it that the people have lost confidence in their leaders? A lack of democracy? We the people have no voice to use anymore to criticise or stop this madness due the fact that politicians have gotten to much power, they have become detach from reality.

    Everyday there is a new article about Iran, either US come with new sanctions or that a bomb have exploded inside Iran. The israeli obsession with Iran is appaling to say atleast. Its perverted and bring out the true warmongers and hateful people.

    Israel is a desperate, dangerous nation. They face pressure at home with protesters, they have put forth authotarian bills, they got a huge PR ‘reprimand through the Ship To Gaza attack, they lost mubarak and keep getting isolated in the middle east, they keep rejecting a palestinian state according to the globally supported 1967 borders, they refuse to make peace with the arab states (Arab peace initiative), they refuse to give up their nukes, they keep building illegal settlement and keep doing the landgrab.

    So Israel pursue war to:

    1. Establish their deterrence once again, showing the new regimes in the arabworld that say “dont criticise us or try to save palestinians – we got the power to destroy all of you”.

    2. Commit an ethnic cleansing of palestinians or atleast demolish the resistance movement and steal more land, thus making a two state solution officially dead according to US etc.

    Yes thats what drives Israel, two lousy arguments. Israel isnt threatened by none of its neighbours, the neighbours only threat israels image as the belligerent mad dog (just as moshe dayan wanted to portray Israel). Israel cant take it, just as a kid who starts crying when hes mommy tell him that he cannot get the chocolatebar today.

  4. Sorry but this is NOT about any Iranian nuclear threat, real or imagined. The real threat Iran poses to Israel is that Iran and the US may start to get alobg, thus undermining Israels strategic value to the US and regional dominance. Remember, when Nixon went to China he marginalized Taiwan and the pro- Taiwanese lobby. Israel diesnt want to become a Taiwan if the US goes to Tehran. Iran has already offered to place strict limits on its nuclear program and even offferred to sign up to the Arab peace plan and crase support of Hamas Hezbolla in 2003. All these offers have been ignored because the US, prodded on by yje proIstaeli lobby, does not eant a peaceful resolution. It eants and seeks yet another war. Nuclear weapons are just a pretext just as “EMDs in Iraq” was just a pretext.

  5. Richard, if you think Israel will lose any war it starts with Iran, perhaps you can say a few words about [1] what this “lose” means and [2] about why such a powerful Iran doesn’t attack Israel FIRST (which Israel would presumably lose even worse).

    I imagine that both countries would be horribly damaged by war, whoever starts it, and that it Israel starts a war with Iran, Iran will be the larger loser, though Israel is so small that any sort of loss will feel big.

  6. You write ” it marks the end of 60 years of Israeli dominance of Middle East realpolitik”

    This imaginary dominance, and the the fact that Israel posses nuclear weapons, were not enough to prevent the 70 war, the 73 war, numerous terror attacks etc.

    From that one can learn, that the Israeli obsessiveness Re: Iran has to do with Iranian president statements.
    Nothing more nothing less.

  7. I suspect Israel publicly threatened a serious attack on Iran with its forces and then, when they just let loose with/sanctioned a number of terrorist acts, everybody breaths a sigh of relief that it’s not an all-out attack.

  8. This article has good and informative reflections on the timing of the latest palaver about Iran. Some event does seem to have taken place.

    There has also been a lot of unease in the financial world, and upward pressure on the price of oil.

    However, my own view is that there will be no Israeli attack on Iran. More pressure on Syria, but not a direct attack on Iran.

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