5 thoughts on “Chairman of Joint Chiefs: Israel Disagrees Sanctions Can Be Effective, May Strike Iran Without Warning – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You don’t have to know much about weapons or military to realize that a country 4x the size of Iraq, with lush mountainsides, widely varying terrain, the size of UK, Germany, France and Spain combined, that has been battle hardened and suffered over the last forty years from military and political isolation, and some of the most aggressive imperial plans in modern history, will be able to kill, easily, more than 500 people if it wishes to, in Israel, damage bases within the region such that it majorly disables them, and set off all manner of consequence, beyond the endurance of any Western economy’s fragile status.

    It is not difficult to destroy, damage, kill, ethnically cleanse, occupy, etc. This was supposedly the message at Cairo in 2009 by Obama. It takes great nations to build things.

    Iran has sent reconciliation offers that would benefit Israel. Except the Israeli lobby in America blocked any ability for Iran to become friends with America. In addition, the same has recently happened out of Britain.

    We know who runs that government: Rupert Murdoch. Just ask his dead whistleblower, the former head of Scotland Yard, and the last 2 PMs about it.

    1. Also, Iran is right across the Caspian Sea from Russia, which could easily supply guerrillas resisting American occupation in Iran. It would be Vietnam ten times over.

  2. Is it your sense that the Israeli citizens are willing to accept ‘a few’ Iranian missiles — whether conventional or perhaps chemical — in exchange for this hoped for victory, which means only degrading Iran’s nuclear program?

    I mean, it seems like a terrible trade off. When Israel hit Iraq in ’81 and Syria in 2007, there seemed to be no down side. No response. But I think we all assume that Iran will not react this way.

    What comes next? If Iran is angry enough to fire rockets back, and inflict some damage, along the lines of Beirut in 2006, what does Israel do then? Go nuclear on Iran? Let’s say they hold back from that. So they set out on an air campaign to bomb Iran into the stone age, as they did with Lebanon. The Iranian, surely, would respond to the best of their abilities.

    It seems like the only way Israel wins is if they do serious damage to a few key sites in Iran, and the Iranians simply don’t respond at all. But is that a reasonable expectation?

    Is there any way that Israel comes out of this without absorbing punishment well beyond anything they have experienced in any other war. It won’t be foot soldiers who are getting killed. It will be civilians in houses and buildings.

    Are the Israeli citizens okay with that?

    Dr. Michael Shepard
    Dallas, Texas

  3. Why aren’t the likes Meir Dagan being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer et al? In all the “discussions” of the war option, I have yet to see much mention of the antiwar stance taken by a healthy slice of Israel’s top defense professionals.

    It would certainly expand the American debate about the dangers of a war on Iran to Israeli civilians & infrastructure…….oh, wait. Nevermind.

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