4 thoughts on “Jewish Community Heroes Competition Violates Own Rules in Barring Surasky – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What do you expect of a group that funnels most of its money to settlement efforts like Nefesh b’nefesh, Birthright programs, political money for the pro-Israel lobby, and the like?

    I don’t expect anything from the Jewish Federations, which is why I stopped giving to them. If you want to support something worthwhile, and do it Jewishly, support your local Jewish programs (synagogues, camps, subsidized tuition at Hebrew schools, etc.) independently (not through the federation) and if you want to give money to a good cause in Israel, donate to B’Tselem or the New Israel Fund or any number of progressive Jewish organizations that are struggling to preserve what’s left of Israel’s “democracy.”

    Screw the Federations. All they do is bring everybody tsuris.

  2. “A central value of The Jewish Federations of North America is to support Israel…”

    In much the same way that those who fought Jim Crow were supporting the American South, those who seek to “End the Occupation” (per Cecilie’s shirt) are supporting Israel and are Israel’s true friends.

    1. Exactly. BDS attacks the illegalities of the occupation and Israel’s other refusals to comply with international human rights and humanitarian law. It does not attack Israel per se. Loves the sinner but hates the sin, so to speak.

  3. Reminds me of Israel’s orthodox community trying (unsuccessfully) to block Emil Habiby from winning Israel’s top literature prize 20 years ago. The prize was open to all residents of Israel — but Emil, a member of the Knesset, was of course Palestinian.

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