6 thoughts on “Senior Israeli Police Officer Brutally Assaulted Activists in Anatot Pogrom – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Consider this report next time you read about any investigation involving Arabs (be they Palestinians Israeli citizens) done by Israeli police.

    Don’t forget: these pogromists’ word is always presumed as truth by the courts, unless undeniably proven otherwise (and Arabs’ evidence won’t count as proof against their word).

    And bear in mind that whoever suppresses peaceful resistance (and a protest can’t be any more peaceful than this one was) to the criminal landgrab in occupied Palestine, by definition supports violent resistance.

    These enforcers of the settlement apparatus are planting, watering and nurturing the hotbeds of terror.

  2. Israel was founded by Jews who found violence acceptable (and made fun of diaspora Jews who wouldn’t do violence). The most violent joined the army adn police, as one would expect. The police are given carte blanche (as is the army — Gaza!). No law. Impunity and immunity. Friends/prisoners in Washington to keep it that way. International law suppressed.

    What would you expect to happen. (Oh, gee, gotta turn down the gas under the pressure cooker. Bye!)

  3. Richard hi,

    Thanks for covering this. The Israeli MSM has been all but silent on the lynch.

    Personally I think it is a sign of vulnerability on behalf of the Occupation. It is clear that the regime doesn’t benefit from events of this type, at this point in time.

  4. Just out of curiousity – is it a fact that 70% of Anatot’s residents are police? Have you confirmed this? This is a very interesting story but rests a lot on the word of an unnamed Israeli source.

    1. The source is entirely reliable. The ethnic or professional composition of various Israeli towns & settlements is not a secret to most Israelis. Why do you think there were so many off duty police at the melee? Do you think they just happen to be there? No, they live there & felt they needed to defend their settlement from the bastard leftists who were interfering.

  5. The coverage of the event in Ha’aretz is weird. First there was a piece of news that was almost hidden in electronic version (I found it by Google). As reports go, it was OK — reporter may choose the degree of detail — but it ended with a lengthy quote of the statement of the “Secretariat” of the settlement with the long list of grievances against “the individual from Jerusalem”, i.e. the Palestinian Arab whose land, by their own admission, is within the settlement.

    The Sekretariat statement is quite weird; more precisely, extremely different from reporting and begs for comments, of which there are none. To me, it looks like whoever composed the article was following a direct order ‘make it a balanced story, provide perspective of both sides’ and did not want to do it well.

    Now Ha’aretz added in “Opinion” an impassioned article by one of the activists that were involved, carefully labelled as such.

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